Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)

77th IETF Anaheim, CA


WEDNESDAY, March 24, 2010 0900-1130 Morning Session I
 1030-1130 Morning Session II
California C




CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy <Sandra.Murphy at>

Chris Morrow <>





1) Administrivia 5 minutes



- Mailing list:

- WG Resources:

- Minute taker?

- Jabber Scribe?

- Blue Sheets

- Agenda Bashing



2) Updated Drafts 105 minutes


(a) Use Cases 15 minutes


 Use Cases and interpretation of RPKI objects for issuers and 
relying parties


 presenter: Kotikalapudi Sriram


(b) Manifests 10 minutes


Manifests for the Resource Public Key Infrastructure



Presenter: ????


(c) ROA Validation 10 minutes

Validation of Route Origination using the Resource Certificate

PKI and ROAs



presenter: ???


(d) Certificate Policy 15 minutes


Certificate Policy (CP) for the Resource PKI (RPKI)



Presenter: Steve Kent


(e) CPS for IRs and ISPs 15 minutes


Template for an Internet Registry's Certification Practice

Statement (CPS) for the Resource PKI (RPKI)



Template for an Internet Service Provider's Certification Practice

Statement (CPS) for the Resource PKI (RPKI)



Presenter: Steve Kent


(f) RPSL with RPKI Signatures 10 minutes


Securing RPSL Objects with RPKI Signatures



Presenter: Robert Kisteleki



(g) Architecture and ROA Format 15 minutes


A Profile for Route Origin Authorizations (ROAs)


An Infrastructure to Support Secure Internet Routing


Presenter: Matt Lepinski



 (h) Prefix Validation 15 minutes
 BGP Prefix Origin Validation


Presenter: Pradosh Mohapatra



3) New Drafts 20 minutes


(a) Local Trust Anchor Management 20 minutes


Local Trust Anchor Management for the Resource Public Key


Presenter: Steve Kent



4) General Discussion 20 minutes


(a) Second Algorithm and Transition Plan


(b) Validation: Abstract vs Implementation Specific


(c) Implementation Guidance