Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)

77th IETF Anaheim, CA


WEDNESDAY, July 28, 2010 1300-1530 Afternoon Session I

Auditorium 2




CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy <Sandra.Murphy at>

Chris Morrow <>





1) Administrivia 5 minutes


- Mailing list:

- WG Resources:

- Minute taker?

- Jabber Scribe?

- Blue Sheets

- Agenda Bashing


2) Requested Discussion Topics 30 minutes


(a) Removing TLS from the Provisioning Protocol 15 minutes

(general discussion)


(b) Alternative to the Trust Anchor Format 15 minutes

(general discussion)


3) Key Rollover 20 minutes

(a) Key Rollover at RIPE 10 minutes


Presenter: Tim Bruijnzeels


(b) Key Rollover 10 minutes


Presenter: Steve Kent


4) Algorithm Migration 15 minutes


Presenter: Roque Gagliano/ Steve Kent/ Sean Turner


5) Use of RPKI in Routers 25 minutes


(a) RPKI Use in Routers 15 minutes

The RPKI/Router Protocol


 BGP Prefix Origin Validation


Presenter: Randy Bush


(b) Validation Signaling 10 minutes

 BGP Prefix Origin Validation State Extended Community


Presenter: Keyur Patel


6) Updated Drafts 30 minutes


(a) Certificate Policy 10 minutes

Certificate Policy (CP) for the Resource PKI (RPKI)


Presenter: Karen Seo


(b) RPSL Signatures 15 minutes

Securing RPSL Objects with RPKI Signatures


Presenter: Robert Kisteleki

(c) Use Cases 5 minutes

Use Cases and interpretation of RPKI objects for issuers and relying



Presenter: Sriram Kotikalapudi


7) New Drafts 20 minutes


(a) Publication Protocol 10 minutes

A Publication Protocol for the Resource Public Key Infrastructure


 Presenter: Sam Weiler
8) New Topic 10 minutes
 (a) AS_SET, Aggregator Stats and Implications for the {Prefix, Origin} 
Validation Algorithm
 Presenter: Sriram Kotikalapudi


9) General Discussion 5 minutes