ALTO WG -- IETF 80, Prague, Czech Republic
Thursday, March 31, 15:20-17:20

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Chairs: Enrico Marocco <>
        Jon Peterson <>
        Vijay K. Gurbani <>

IMPORTANT: a running code demostration event will take place on Monday
           March 28 during the lunch break. Coordinates will be posted on
           the mailing list.


- Administrivia                                              (Chairs, 5')

- Interoperability event in Quebec City                     (Chairs, 10')
  Main discussion points:
  + Recap of what was agreed in Beijing and during the Jan 26 interim
  + Logistics and tools

- Requirements                                  (Martin Stiemerling, 10')
  draft-ietf-alto-reqs-08 (Diffs since Jan 26 interim)
  Main discussion point:
  + Agree on all changes suggested during WGLC (~15, mostly editorial)

- ALTO protocol                                      (Richard Alimi, 30')
  draft-ietf-alto-protocol-07 (Diffs since IETF79)
  Main discussion points:
  + Agree on the newly introduced "network address type"
  + To be RESTful, or not to be:
    o Costs (additional complexity, required changes...) and benefits
    o Compromise alternatives

- Deployment considerations                     (Martin Stiemerling, 10')
  draft-ietfg-alto-deployments-01 (Diffs since Jan 26 interim)
  Main discussion points:
  + ISP considerations (see draft-sun-alto-ispdeployment)
  + v4/v6 considerations (see draft-penno-alto-ipv4v6)
  + ALTO client to application API

- ALTO server discovery protocol               (Martin Stiemerling, 15') 
  draft-kiesel-alto-3pdisc-05 (Diffs since IETF79)
  Main discussion point:
  + Reverse DNS lookup

- ALTO for CDN use case             (Jan Medved or Stefano Previdi, 10')
  draft-penno-alto-cdn-03 (Diffs since IETF79)
  Main discussion points:
  + Relation with deployment considerations
  + Relation with CDNi work

- Network-to-server API                                (Jan Medved, 10')
  Main discussion points:
  + The case for an API between ALTO servers and networking nodes
  + Relation with routing protocols (OSPF, ISIS, BGP...)

- Server-to-server API               (Jan Medved and Piotr Wydrych, 10')
  Main discussion point:
  + The case for an API between ALTO servers

- Multi-cost ALTO                              (Sabine Randriamasy, 10')
  draft-randriamasy-alto-multi-cost-02 (Diffs since IETF79)
  Main discussion points:
  + Should the ALTO protocol allow multiple costs in responses?
  + Proposed extension for multiple costs and proprieties