Preliminary Agenda                                   Preliminary Agenda
                     PCP Working Group Agenda
                    IETF 80, Prague, March 2011

                                    Chairs: Alain Durand
                                            Dave Thaler

Jabber room:

Friday, 9:00-11:30, Congress Hall II
(conflicts: oauth, dime, grow, mmusic, karp, fecframe)

 9:00  Note takers, agenda, existing milestones                  (Chairs, 10)

Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP protocol to IESG for publication as PS

 9:10  PCP Base Protocol                                     (see below, 60?)

       Summary of recent changes                                   (Dan Wing)

       Walkthrough of open issue tracker issues on base spec:

          #41 PCP Options need to have a specific order,           (Dan Wing)
              to ease processing

          #44 DMZ                                                  (Dan Wing)

          #13 DS-lite interaction                              (Alain Durand)

          #32 Interference between 2 clients on same host       (Dave Thaler)

          #38 state maintenance: create a general failure model,(Dave Thaler)
              discussing how to recover from failures

          #16 PCP lifetime expiration with active traffic   (Stuart Cheshire)
          #47 PCP Port Number 5351 or 44323?                (Stuart Cheshire)

          #46 NONEXIST_PEER                                 (Stuart Cheshire)

          #45 IMPLICIT_MAPPING_EXISTS                       (Stuart Cheshire)

Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP service discovery to IESG for publication as PS

10:10? DHCP Options for PCP                           (Mohamed Boucadair, 10)

Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send UPnP relay to IESG for publication as PS

10:20? UPnP IGD IWF                                   (Mohamed Boucadair, 15)

Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send NAT-PMP relay to IESG for publication as PS

10:35? PCP Proxy                                         (Francis Dupont, 20)

10:55? NAT-PMP IWF                                       (Francis Dupont, 10)

Possible future work (no milestones), time permitting

11:05? Failure scenarios                                 (Francis Dupont, 15)

11:20? Using PCP to Coordinate Between the CGN and Home       (Tina Tsou, 10)
       Gateway via Port Allocation 

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Preliminary Agenda                                   Preliminary Agenda