Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)

80th IETF Prague, Czech Republic



CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy <Sandra.Murphy at>

Chris Morrow <>




THURSDAY, March 31, 2011
0900-1130 Morning Session I
Congress Hall I






1) Administrivia 10 minutes


- Mailing list:

- WG Resources:

- Minute taker?

- Jabber Scribe?

- Blue Sheets

- Agenda Bashing


2) Draft status 10 minutes


Presenter: Sandy Murphy/Chris Morrow


3) Updated Drafts 30 minutes


a) Algorithm Agility 10 minutes

Algorithm Agility Procedure for RPKI.



Presenter: Steve Kent

b) Origin Operations 10 minutes

RPKI-Based Origin Validation Operation



Presenter: Randy Bush


c) Ghostbusters Record 10 minutes

The RPKI Ghostbusters Record



Presenter: Randy Bush


4) New Topics 60 minutes

a) BGP Security and Decoupling 10 minutes

 Secure Extension of BGP by Decoupling Path Propagation and Adoption
Presenter: Mingui Zhang
b) BGP Security and Diagnostic Messages 15 minutes
 BGP Security State Diagnostic Message
 Presenter: Alvaro Retana

c) RPKI use in detecting network/host split 10 minutes

 Presenter: Murray S. Kucherawy
d) Geolocation and Ghostbusters 10 minutes
 Providing first class geographical location statements for RPKI objects
 Presenter: Terry Manderson
e) BIRD and RPKI 10 minutes


Presenter: Matthias Waehlisch


f) Validator Interoperability 5 minutes


Presenter: Andrew Chi


5) Implementation Discussion 40 minutes


Rob Austein

Tim Bruijnzeels

Andrew Chi

Hannes Gredler

Doug Montgomery

Andy Newton

Arturo Servin



FRIDAY, April 1, 2011
1300-1400 Afternoon Session I
1415-1515 Afternoon Session II
Congress Hall III




1) Administrivia 5 minutes


- Mailing list:

- WG Resources:

- Minute taker?

- Jabber Scribe?

- Blue Sheets

- Agenda Bashing


2) New work discussion 130 minutes


a) BGP Security Threats 15 minutes

 Threat Model for BGP Path Security 


Presenter: Steve Kent


b) BGP Security Requirements 15 minutes

 Security Requirements for BGP Path Validation
Presenter: Randy Bush


c) BGP Security Ops 15 minutes

BGPsec Operational Considerations



Presenter: Randy Bush


d) Overview 15 minutes

An Overview of BGPSEC


 Presenter: Matt Lepinski


e) BGP Security Protocol 20 minutes

BGPSEC Protocol Specification



Presenter: Matt Lepinski


f) General Discussion 30 minutes


g) Next Steps and Action Item Assignment 20 minutes