ALTO WG -- IETF 81, Quebec City, Canada
Tuesday, July 26, 13:00-15:00

WG info: current charter, status page.

Mailing list: (archives)

Chairs: Vijay K. Gurbani <>
        Enrico Marocco <>
        Jon Peterson <>

IMPORTANT: an interoperability event will take place on Monday night,
           July 25. Coordinates will be posted on the mailing list.

Note on meeting time allocation: slot lengths are only
indicative. Meeting time will be managed with the primary goal of
addressing all the open issues with high priority documents
(requirements, protocol, server discovery and deployment
considerations). If discussions of such issues exceed scheduled time,
residual time will be allocated to the remaining topics in proportion
to the amount of interest they have generated in previous meetings and
on the mailing list.


- Administrivia                                              (Chairs, 5')

- Requirements                                   (Martin Stiemerling, 5')
  (Diffs since Jun 15 interim)

- ALTO protocol                                      (Richard Alimi, 30')
  (Diffs since Jun 15 interim)

- ALTO server discovery protocol                (Martin Stiemerling, 10') 
  (Diffs since IETF 80)

- Deployment considerations                     (Martin Stiemerling, 10')
  (Diffs since IETF 80)

Any spillover time will be allocated to the following topics, as
explained above:

- ALTO for CDN use case                               (Ben Niven-Jenkins)
  (Merge of draft-jenkins-alto-cdn-use-cases-00 and

- Use Cases for High Bandwidth Query         (Greg Bernstein / Young Lee)
  and Control of Core Networks

- Inter-ALTO communication                                (Piotr Wydrych)
  (Diffs since IETF 80)

- Multi-cost ALTO                                    (Sabine Randriamasy)
  (Diffs since IETF 80)