BEHAVE Working Group Agenda
                            IETF 82, Taipai, November 2011

                                   Chairs: Dave Thaler,
                                                    Dan Wing,
Jabber room:

Thursday, Afternoon Session II 1520-1720, room: 3F Banquet (conflicts: core, ancp, grow, ipfix, siprec, mpls, saag) 15:20 Note takers, agenda, existing milestones (Chairs, 5) NON-CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 15:25 Logging NAT events (Senthil Sivakumar, 10) draft-sivakumar-behave-nat-logging MILESTONE WORK ITEMS: 15:35 Carrier Grade NAT Requirements (Shin Miyakawa, 10) draft-ietf-behave-lsn-requirements milestone: large scale NAT requirements (BCP), December 2010 15:45 NAT64 Discovery Heuristic (Teemu Savolainen, 10) draft-ietf-behave-nat64-discovery-heuristic milestone: avoiding NAT64 with dual-stack host for local networks, April 2011 NON-CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 15:55 NAT Behavioral Requirements Updates (Reinaldo Penno, 15) draft-penno-behave-rfc4787-5382-5508-bis 16:10 Deterministic Address Mapping to Reduce Logging (Chris Donley, 10) draft-donley-behave-deterministic-cgn 16:20 NAT444 and DS-Lite Impacts (Chris Donley, 10) draft-donley-nat444-impacts 16:30 NAT44/LSN Deployment Options and Experiences (Victor Kuarsingh, 10) draft-kuarsingh-lsn-deployment 16:40 Radius Extensions for CGN Configurations (Dean Cheng & Jouni Korhonen, 10) draft-cheng-behave-cgn-cfg-radius-ext 16:50 NAT MIB bis (Tina Tsou, 10) draft-perreault-opsawg-natmib-bis 17:00 IPv4 Address Sharing: problem, solutions, and test results (Senthil Sivakumar, Mohamed Boucadair, Jaqueline Queiroz, 15) draft-boucadair-intarea-nat-reveal-analysis draft-abdo-hostid-tcpopt-implementation 17:15 SD-NAT (Alain Durand, 10) draft-penno-softwire-sdnat 17:25 late
(agenda version: 1.1/November 15)