PCP Working Group Agenda
IETF 82, Taipei, November 2011

Chairs: Alain Durand adurand@juniper.net
Dave Thaler dthaler@microsoft.com

Jabber room: xmpp:pcp@jabber.ietf.org?join
Friday, 09:00-11:00, 101 B (conflicts: mmusic, ccamp, sidr, krb-wg)

 9:00  Note takers, agenda, existing milestones                   (Chairs, 5)

Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP protocol to IESG for publication as PS
9:05 PCP Base Protocol (Dan Wing, 20) draft-ietf-pcp-base-17 9:25 PCP Rapid Recovery (Stuart Cheshire, 15) (was draft-cheshire-pcp-recovery, now in base-17) 9:40 Port Control Protocol (PCP) Authentication Mechanism draft-wasserman-pcp-authentication-01 (Margaret Wasserman, xx) x:xx PCP base-13 implementation experience (Bruno Faria, 5) x:xx Discussion of other milestone items (Chairs, 20)
Milestone: May 2011 - Send PCP service discovery to IESG for publication as PS
DHCP Options for PCP draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp-00
Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send UPnP relay to IESG for publication as PS
UPnP IGD IWF (expired) draft-bpw-pcp-upnp-igd-interworking-02
Milestone: Oct 2011 - Send NAT-PMP relay to IESG for publication as PS
NAT-PMP IWF (expired) draft-bpw-pcp-nat-pmp-interworking-00
Possible future work (no milestones), time permitting
x:xx Nested NATs (Reinaldo Penno, 10) draft-penno-pcp-nested-nat-01 x:xx Using PCP To Coordinate Between the CGN and (Tina Tsou, 10) Home Gateway Via Port Allocation draft-tsou-pcp-natcoord-03 x:xx PCP Extensions (Christian Jacquenet, 20) draft-boucadair-pcp-extensions draft-boucadair-pcp-failure draft-boucadair-pcp-rtp-rtcp x:xx RADIUS Extensions (Roberta Maglione/Dean Cheng, 10) draft-maglione-pcp-radius-ext-02 x:xx finished
Other recent related drafts (no agenda requests received):