Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)

IETF 82 -  Taipei, Taiwan


CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy <Sandra.Murphy at>

          Chris Morrow <>




TUESDAY, November 15, 2011
1300-1500 Afternoon Session I
Room 101C





1)  Administrivia                                              5 minutes



   - Mailing list:

   - WG Resources:

   - Minute taker?

   - Jabber Scribe?

   - Blue Sheets

   - Agenda Bashing


2)  Draft status                                               5 minutes



    Presenter: one of the co-chairs


3)  Updated WG drafts                                         35 minutes



    (a) BGPSEC Protocol                                       15 minutes

    BGPSEC Protocol Specification



    Presenter: Matt Lepinski


    (b) Prefix Validate                                       10 minutes
    BGP Prefix Origin Validation


    Presenter: John Scudder


    (c) BGPSEC Operations                                     10 minutes

    BGPsec Operational Considerations



    Presenter: Randy Bush


4)  Recent WGLC documents                                     15 minutes



    (a) Origin Operations                                      5 minutes

    RPKI-Based Origin Validation Operation


    Presenter: Randy Bush
    (b)BGPSEC Requirements                                     5 minutes
    Security Requirements for BGP Path Validation
    Presenter: Randy Bush
    (c ) Algorithm Agility                                     5 minutes
    Algorithm Agility Procedure for RPKI.


    Presenter: one of the authors


5)  New WG drafts                                             20 minutes



    (a) BGPSEC Profiles and Algorithms                        10 minutes

    A Profile for BGPSEC Router Certificates,

    Revocation Lists, and Certification Requests


    BGP Algorithms, Key Formats, & Signature Formats



    Presenter: Sean Turner


    (b) RPKI-Router Protocol MIB                              10 minutes

    Definitions of Managed Objects for the RPKI-Router Protocol


    Presenter: Bert Wijnen


6)  WG related issues                                         30 minutes



    (a) First Performance Results of RTRLib                   15 minutes
    Presenter: Matthias Waehlisch


    (b) CPU Load Estimation for BGPSEC                        15 minutes

    Estimating CPU Load of BGPsec on a Router

    Presenter: Sriram Kotikalapudi


7)  General Discussion                                        10 minutes