BEHAVE Working Group Agenda
                            IETF 84, Vancouver, July 2012

                                   Chairs: Dave Thaler,
                                                    Dan Wing,
Jabber room:

Thursday, 1730-1830, room: Regency C (conflicts: iri, lwig, trill, bmwg, dnsop, atoca, avtext) 17:30 Note takers, agenda, existing milestones (Chairs, 5) CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 17:35 Discovery Heuristic (Teemu Savolainen, 10) draft-ietf-behave-nat64-discovery-heuristic (will discuss version -11, which will be published the week of IETF) NON-CHARTERED WORK ITEM: 17:45 FTP46 (Simon Perreault, 10) draft-tsou-behave-ftp46 CHARTERED WORK ITEMS: 17:55 NAT MIB (Simon Perreault, 15) draft-ietf-behave-nat-mib 18:10 IPFIX information elements (Reinaldo Penno, 10) draft-sivakumar-behave-nat-logging NON-CHARTERED WORK ITEM: 18:20 SYSLOG NAT Logging (Cathy Zhou, 10) draft-zhou-behave-syslog-nat-logging 18:30 end 18:30 finished
(agenda version: 1.1/August 2)