Agenda for JOSE WG Session

Administrative (10 min):
Scribe & Note Taker (blocking)
Agenda Bashing
WG Status Review (5 min)
Documents (40 min):
Use Cases for JOSE - Richard Barnes (5 min)
JSON WEB Algorithms - Mike Jones (10 min)
JSON WEB Signature
JSON WEB Encryption
JSON Web Encryption JSON Serialization - Mike Jones (5 min)
JSON Web Signature JSON Serialization
JavaScript Message Security Format - Richard Barnes (10 min)
Authenticated Encryption with AES-CBC and HMAC-SHA - David McGrew (10 min)
Open Issue Discussion (70 min):
KDF differences from NIST standard
-- Algorithm Identifier
-- Output Length
-- Party Info
non-AEAD Algorithms as Single algorithm (enc = enc+int+kdf)
ECB key wrap function
Indirection for key agreement algorithms
Nonce/timestamp parameter
Key Usage "both"
Understand all header elements - Required or Optiona?
Key Wrapping for MAC key
Allow object and string for algorithm name
Replace "none" with Absent
Security Issues for JSON parsing
-- No Duplicate Values
-- Excess Characters
Additional KID defintion
RSA-OAEP/RSA-PSS default parameters
Other Presentations (25 min)
Deployment of JWA algorithms - Mike Jones (15 min)
Jose In Action: XMPP E2E - Matt Miller (10 min)
Open Mic (5 min)
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