Secure Inter-Domain Routing WG (sidr)

IETF 84 -  Vancouver, BC, CA


CHAIR(s): Sandra Murphy Sandra.Murphy at

          Chris Morrow morrowc at

          Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at







WEDNESDAY, August 1, 2012

0900-1130 Morning Session I
Room Georgia B




1)  Administrivia & Draft status                        0900-0905



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   - WG Resources:

   - Minute taker?

   - Jabber Scribe?

   - Blue Sheets

   - Agenda Bashing


2) Existing Drafts                                        0905-1005


a)  Template for a Certification Practice Statement (CPS) for the
                            Resource PKI (RPKI)           0905-0920


    Presenter: Steve Kent


b)  Local Trust Anchor Management for the Resource Public Key Infrastructure

    draft-ietf-sidr-ltamgmt-05                            0920-0935


    Presenter: Steve Kent


c)  BGPSEC Protocol Specification                         0935-1005


    Presenter: Matt Lepinski 


3)  RPKI Operation in Deployment                          1005-1105


a)  Interim Meeting Summary                               1005-1035


    Presenter: one of the co-chairs


b)  RPKI Publication Point Replication                    1035-1050

    Multiple Repository Publication Points support in the Resource Public

                       Key Infrastructure (RPKI)



    Presenter: one of the authors


c)  RPKI & Prefix Origin Validation Operational Practices 1050-1105


    Presenter: Benno Overeinder



4)  New Related Drafts                                    1105-1120


    Responsible Grandparenting in the RPKI



    Presenter: Randy Bush


5)  Interim Meetings                                      1120-1130
    Presenter: the co-chairs


6)  General Discussion                               left over time