I2RS WG -- IETF 86, Orlando, FL, US

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Location: Caribbean 5

WG info: current charter, status page

Mailing List (archives)

Alia Atlas
Edward Crabbe


(Chairs, 5')

Introduction, Discussion of overall charter and goals
(Chairs, 15')

Taxonomy of use cases
(Russ White, 30')

Functional Analysis of I2RS
(Alia Atlas, 25')

Introduction to Modeling: Information Models, Data Models, and YANG
(Juergen Schoenwaelder,15')


I2RS Framework
(Alia Atlas, 15')

I2RS Topology Use Cases
(Jan Medved,10')

I2RS Overlay Mesh Use Cases
(Bhumip. Khasnabish,10')

Potential Yang Modifications for Support of I2RS
(Palani Chinnakannan,10')