ALTO WG -- IETF 89, London, United Kingdom
Thursday, March 6, 2014, 15:20 - 16:50

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Chairs: Enrico Marocco <>
        Vijay K. Gurbani <>


- Administrivia / Status                                     (Chairs, 10')

- Deployment considerations                          (Michael Scharf, 10')

- Rechartering discussion                          (WG / Chairs / AD, 60')

  Work items under consideration:

 o (Standards Track) Protocol extensions for reducing the volume of
   on-the-wire data exchange required to align the ALTO server and
   clients.  Extensions under consideration are mechanisms for 
   delivering server-initiated notifications and partial updates
   of maps.  Efforts developed in other working groups such as
   Websockets and JSON-path will be considered, as well as bespoke
   mechanisms specific to the ALTO protocol. (18')
 o (Standards Track) Extensions to the base ALTO server discovery
   mechanism (RFC-to-be) for deployment in heterogeneous network
   environments.  Mechanisms under consideration are extensions for
   third-party and anycast-based server discovery. (5')

 o (Standards Track) Protocol extensions to convey a richer set of
   attributes to allow applications to determine not only "where" 
   to connect but also "when" to connect.  Such additional information 
   will be related both to endpoints (e.g. conveying server load 
   and cache geolocation information for CDN use cases) and to 
   endpoint-to-endpoint costs (e.g. bandwidth calendaring to represent 
   time-averaged cost values in datacenter networks). (19')

   The working group will specify such extension in coordination with 
   other working groups that are also working on the related use 
   cases (e.g. cdni, i2rs, lmap).

 o (Informational) A survey of techniques to formalize the structure
   of a network graph (that can derived from a set of related ALTO
   network and cost maps) in a format that would facilitate advanced
   graph computation.  Such survey will cover both models used in
   popular open-source software (e.g. NetworkX, Blueprints) and models
   being considered in other working groups (e.g. netmod, i2rs). (18')

- Wrap-up                                              (ADs / Chairs, 10')