RMCAT Agenda at IETF-91 (Honolulu)

rmcat Interim Meeting
Sunday, November 9, Morning 0900-1300
Room Name: Lehua Suite

rmcat Session @ IETF91
Wednesday, November 12, Morning Session I 0900-1130
Room Name: Coral 4

INTERIM MEETING (algorithm updates and evaluation results): Sunday 0900-1300

Adaptive FEC for Congestion Control [pdf]

Varun Singh
draft-singh-rmcat-adaptive-fec-01 (milestone cc-cand and eval-results)
30 min + 15 min discussion

Update on NADA and testbed-based Evaluation Results [pdf]

Xiaoqing Zhu
draft-zhu-rmcat-nada-04 (milestone cc-cand and eval-results)
45 min + 15 min discussion

Update on Scream and evaluation results [pdf]

Zahed Sarker
draft-johansson-rmcat-scream-cc-03 (milestone cc-cand and eval-results)
45 min + 15 min discussion


The Anatomy of a RMCAT RTT [pdf]

Michael Ramalho
15 min + 10 min discussion

A Delay Recovery Phase For RMCAT Flows [pdf]

Geert Van Der Auwera
10 min + 10 min discussion

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rmcat SESSION: Wednesday 0900-1130

WG Status [slides]

10 min + 5 min discussion

Evaluating Congestion Control for Interactive Real-time Media [slides]

Varun Singh
draft-ietf-rmcat-eval-criteria-02 (milestone eval-criteria) adopted as WG document
15 min + 5 min discussion

W3C Constraints API for WebRTC [slides]

Varun Singh
(related to milestone app-interactions)
5 min + 5 min discussion

RMCAT Application Interaction [slides]

Mo Zanaty
draft-ietf-rmcat-app-interaction-00 (milestone app-interactions) adopted as WG document
10 min + 5 min discussion

Modeling Video Traffic Sources for RMCAT Evaluations [slides]

Xiaoqing Zhu
draft-zhu-rmcat-video-traffic-source-00 (related to milestone eval-criteria)
10 min + 5 min discussion

Shared Bottleneck Detection for Coupled Congestion Control for RTP Media [slides]

David Hayes
draft-hayes-rmcat-sbd-00 (milestone group-cc)
30 min + 15 min discussion

Coupled congestion control for RTP media [slides]

Michael Welzl
draft-welzl-rmcat-coupled-cc-04 (milestone group-cc)
10 min + 5 min discussion