CCAMP Agenda For IETF 94
First Session 
Monday, November 2, 2015
1520-1650 - Monday Afternoon Session II
Room: 411/412
Presentation Start Time Duration Information
0   15:20 10 Title: Administrivia - WG Status
Presenter: Chairs
1   15:30 10 Title: GMPLS OSPF-TE Extensions in support of Flexible Grid
Presenter: Haomian Zheng
2   15:40 7 Title: Ethernet Traffic Parameters with Availability Information
Presenter: Amy Ye
3   15:47 7 Title: OSPF Routing Extension for Links with Variable Discrete Bandwidth
Presenter: Amy Ye
4   15:54 10 Title: Link Management Protocol Extensions for Grid Property Negotiation 
Presenter: Qilei Wang 
5   16:04 10 Title: A Yang Data Model for WSON Optical Networks
Presenter: Young Lee
6   16:14 12 Title: A framework for Management and Control of DWDM optical interface parameters
Presenter: Ruediger Kunze
7   16:26 8 Title: An SNMP MIB extension to RFC3591 to manage optical interface parameters of "G.698.2 single channel" in DWDM applications
Presenter: Gabriele Galimberti
8   16:34 8 Title: A YANG model to manage the optical interface parameters for an external transponder in a WDM network
Presenter: Dharini Hiremagalur
9   16:42 8 Title: Extension to the LMP for DWDM OLS to manage the application code of optical interface parameters in DWDM application
Draft: draft-dharinigert-ccamp-DWDM-if-lmp-00
Presenter: Gert Grammel
Adjourn   16:50