IETF 98 – CCAMP minutes                                                         

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 (CDT)                                                                                              

14:50-16:20 - Tuesday Afternoon session II                                                                                                      

Room:Zurich A                                                                                                

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0                            14:50     5             Title:      Administrivia - WG Status - Reporting on WG drafts not being presented                                                                                                          

Daniele Ceccarelli: for [draft-ietf-ccamp-wson-iv-info], there was not much discussion on the list. Any authors of this draft can provide short update? Garbriele, maybe you can give us a short update?

Presenter:          Chairs                                                                                                 

Gabriele Galimberti: The editor did an update to this draft, and I think we should ask for last call.


1                            14:55     5             Title:      A framework for Management and Control of DWDM optical interface parameters                                                                                                     


Presenter:          Ruediger Kunze                                                                                             

Daniele Ceccarelli: like to see the removal of unnecessary text, will need to address other minor comments. [Poll] Does anyone have any concerns with moving this draft towards WG LC? No one.


2                            15:00     10           Title:      A Yang Data Model for WSON Optical Networks (*)                       



Presenter:          Young Lee                                                                                                        

1st draft:

Daniele Ceccarelli: Would the change of relationship with i2rs TOPO model and TE-TOPO model impact this document, or not?

Young Lee: I don’t think so. We augment solely from TE topology so I do not expect changes. I have to look it up.

Dhruv Dhody: The augment part might change based on the TE topology model change, not the rest of the model.

2nd draft:

Dieter Beller: for clarification, what is sliceable transponder?

Young Lee: it is a proprietary term, coming from some EU research project, and it will be taken out from the draft.

Gert Grammel: how to refer to the coherent transponder.

Young Lee: we are going to provide application codes defined by ITU-T and not going beyond

Igor Bryskin: have you consider to align the model with OpenConfig?

Young Lee: It has not been determined, do you recommend to use OpenConfig?

Igor Bryskin: I do suggest to adjust, and basically incorporate them. I don’t suggest augment part.

Young Lee: What about the TE tunnel model, also themselves in IETF?

Igor Bryskin: we are adjusting the model with OpenConfig.

Young Lee: we are going to augment usual TE tunnel model.

Igor Bryskin: It’s not WDM specific, and it is base.

Young Lee: you are talking about WDM part of OpenConfig. We will console it for sure.

Young Lee: we are going to augment the TEAS TE Tunnel model

Gabriele Galimberti: if consider openconfig, recommend to also consider other options, say openRoadm;

Dieter: we adjust

Young Lee: it’s unlimited.

Daniele Ceccarelli: question for Igor, why OpenConfig, not other models?

Dieter Beller: we commit on the mailing list that we should follow the same approach that OpenConfig is using in their YANG models, instead of defining a long list of transponder characteristics.

Igor Bryskin: it’s very good to look into what other people doing in this layer. In my opinion, OpenConfig is a preferable way to do OpenRoadm

Deborah Brungard: follow ITU recommendations and process the document. We should rely on ITU’s latest status. And if it is not ready yes, we can do it as experimental. Chairs know how to handle this.

Daniele Ceccarelli: we always said we would prefer experimental drafts other than the individual streams.

Fatai Zhang: The authors should double-check if the Flexi-grid model should augment the TE model or the WSON model; Flexi-grid has close relationship with WSON, other than generic topology model. We could treat fixed grid is a particular case of flexi-grid. 


3                            15:10     5             Title:      A framework for Management and Control of microwave and millimeter wave interface parameters                                                                                                  


Presenter:          Jonas Ahlberg/Amy Ye                                                                                                

No questions


4                            15:15     10           Title:      A YANG Data Model for Microwave Radio Link (*)          


Presenter:          Jonas Ahlberg/Amy Ye                                                                                                

Daniele Ceccarelli: after adoption of the framework we have received comments about relationship with ONF. The DT has taken care of analysis what has been done in ONF and the relationship between IM and DM.

[Poll] How many have read the draft? Everyone who is interested in mW

[Poll] Who is in favour? almost the same

[Poll] Anyone against? no one

To be taken to the list.


5                            15:25     10           Title:      Transport Northbound Interface Use Cases                                       


Presenter:          Italo Busi                                                                                                           

Iftekhar Hussain: Ethernet over OTN? (Y), ELAN service, how it will be addressed?

Italo Busi: that will be considered. We assume the ITU-T data plane architecture.

Gert Grammel: layering issue, where is the transponder?

Italo Busi: the current case is single layer. We do not want to control the layer 0 which is below the layer 1.

Gert Grammel: there is kind of mixture what is the layer in the use case. Is the layer considering a control layer, GMPLS, or ITU layer?

Italo Busi: in this case, it is just a single layer of ODU switching, no multiplexing.

Gert Grammel: you need to clarify the terminology. (OK)

Lou Berger: where do you get transport MPI requirements? Suggest to refer to ACTN requirement.

Italo Busi: we will separate the use case and analysis. This presentation is just for use case, and analysis describe solutions for use cases.

Lou Berger: how it related with VN model in ACTN?

Italo Busi: VN model applies on CMI and the current work focus on MPI.

Lou Berger: what about the protocol specific models that being developed in this group?

Italo Busi: we will analysis individual drafts and provide feedbacks to them.

Igor Bryskin: You should avoid RSVP-TE-specific terms, e.g. ERO, and use those from Yang modules (cf. TE tunnels model).

Italo Busi: we will fix it.


6                            15:35     10           Title:      Extension to LMP for DWDM Optical Line Systems to manage the application code of optical interface parameters in DWDM application                                                        



Presenter:          Gabriele Galimberti                                      

No question                                                     


7                            15:45     0             Title:      A YANG model to manage the optical interface parameters for an external transponder in a WDM network(*)                                                                                                      


Presenter:          Gert Grammel                                                                                                

Draft presented during the joint YANG session hosted by MPLS


8                            15:45     0             Title:      A YANG model to manage the optical parameters for in a WDM network(*)                                                                                                    


Presenter:          Gert Grammel                                                                                                

Draft presented during the joint YANG session hosted by MPLS


9                            15:45     0             Title:      L1 Topology YANG model and OTN tunnel YANG model(*)         



Presenter:          Kun Xiang                                                                                                         

Draft presented during the joint YANG session hosted by MPLS


10                          15:45     10           Title:      GMPLS Framework, (Signaling and Routing Extensions) for the control of B100G OTUCn/ODUCn Network                                                                                                            




Presenter:          Qilei Wang/Iftekhar Hussain                                                                                                    

Dieter Beller: Are you assuming that ODUCn is a switchable sublayer?

Iftekhar Hussain: No. It is a section layer.

Jon Sadler: Why do you need a signal type assignment if it is not a switchable layer? Some development in the framework document would be good. There is a restriction on the number of TPNs allowed per link, I am not seeing that in the current version. It’s not 20 like we have in regular G709 work, it’s 10. Regard OTUCn, the flex work in ITU-T has not been published yet, it’s ok to discuss about it here but I would suggest to separate the extensions for that not to hold all the work.

Iftekhar Hussain: Agree. Send comments to the list and we’ll try to address them.

Gert Grammel: The draft is well written, there is only one thing that I would add to it, which is the protection switching use case.


11                          15:55     10           Title:      Framework (and Signaling Extension) for Optical Transport Networks Beyond 100G in G.709 Edition 5                                                                                              



Presenter:          Haomian Zheng                                                                                             

Daniele Ceccarelli: I guess most of the comments on previous document also apply here. I guess we all agree that the Flex-O needs to be put out of the scope of this document. I suggest to remove also FlexE and address it in other documents.

Haomian Zheng: I think FlexE can be divided into FlexE over ODUk and FlexE over ODUCn, ODUCn may be related with this one and we can mention it.

Daniele Ceccarelli: I would also suggest to try to come with a single document but I see you are already working on it. Good.

Iftekhar Hussain: From the last meeting the chairs emphasized the solution rather than the framework. That is one of the reasons why we speeded up the solution part.

Fatai Zhang: Agree. I read the solution drafts, the extensions are simple and straightforward. We can spend more time on solutions.

Daniele Ceccarelli: This is always good, but since there are two frameworks it is a good idea to spend a bit of time to find an agreement on that before moving to the solutions.

Iftekhar Hussain: Ok, agree.


12                          16:05     5             Title:      Signaling extensions for Media Channel sub-carriers configuration in Spectrum Switched Optical Networks                                                                      


Presenter:          Gabriele Galimberti                                                                                                     

Fatai Zhang: You are making a lot of experiments, which is not very common for us.

Gabriele Galimberti: You are right but this proposal is also to understand whether the solution could be accepted once the ITU-T defines the parameters we are going to use.

Fatai Zhang: The control plane work can’t go ahead of the data plane work.

Dieter Beller: Since the work is an output of a European research project (Idealist), wouldn’t it fit better in the IRTF?

Gabriele Galimberti: That’s an option.

Italo Busi: Here we are proposing to configure something but we still don’t know how the data plane is going to react since the optical parameters are not defined yet.

Gabriele Galimberti: Yes, but you need them for single vendor. There are interoperability tests ongoing where you must be specific in saying what you want to reach as interop, but it’s not unfeasible. We have experiments running.

Julien Meuric: There is some interoperability happening. You don’t have full interop but there are use cases working. This work is needed to make them progress. This is not for IRTF, this is for products and for implementations. It is legitimate to start the work here.

Daniele Ceccarelli: we have many RFCs started as EU proejcts.

Julien Meuric: Not only in CCAMP.


13                          16:10     10           Title:      GMPLS Routing and Signaling Framework for Flexible Ethernet (FlexE)                                                                                                


Presenter:          Iftekhar Hussain                                                                                                            

Dieter Beller: I wanted to point out that there are statements in the draft that are not correct. We will discuss about them on the list.


Adjourn                              16:20