1. Agenda Bash & Working Group Status, Aaron Falk & Zahed Sarker, 10 min

  2. Minimal Set of Transport Services for TAPS Systems, Naeem Khademi (presenting for authors), 20 min

    • draft-gjessing-taps-minset-05.txt
    • What’s new: the abstract API
  3. Transport Security Protocol Survey, Chris Wood, Tommy Pauly, 25 min

    • At the meeting in Chicago, the question of how security protocols should be handled was brought up, and we suggested writing a draft to do a survey of Transport Security protocols, similar to the work done in RFC 8095 and the transport usage drafts. This document goes over several common transport security protocols and analyzes their features and interfaces, particularly with regards to how they interact with their associated transport protocols and applications. For consideration as a TAPS working group doc.
    • draft-pauly-taps-transport-security-00.txt: The common features/interface presented by various security protocols
    • draft-kuehlewind-taps-crypto-sep-00.txt: The ability to separate security handshakes from data encryption
  4. Socket Intents, Concepts & Communication Granularity, Phillipp Tiesel, 20 min

    • Socket Intents allow applications to share their knowledge about upcoming communication and express their performance preferences in an API independent way. Therefore, thy can be used by an OS/API to gain enough knowledge to perform access as well as transport protocol selection and tuning.
    • draft-tiesel-taps-socketintents-00.txt: concepts
    • draft-tiesel-taps-communitgrany-00.txt: endpoint and path selection
    • draft-tiesel-taps-socketintents-bsdsockets-00.txt: prototype
  5. Happy Eyeballs update, Anna Brunstrom, 20 min

    • draft-grinnemo-taps-he-03.txt
    • The interface between the HE algorithm and the policy management
    • What should be detailed in the specification of the HE algorithm and what should be left open for implementation?
  6. Discussion: Application- & System-Specified Policy & TAPS, Framed by Brian Trammell, 40 min