IESG Narrative Minutes

Narrative Minutes of the IESG Teleconference on 2008-04-10.
Narrative scribe: John Leslie
Corrections from Russ Housley, Dan Romascanu, Michelle Cotton, and Jari Arkko

2.1.2 Returning Item

3.1.1 New WG Submissions

1251EDT 5-minute break
1257EDT roll-call who's back
Cullen: need to drop off soon

WG Creation - for IETF Review

WG Creation - for Approval

WG Rechartering - for Approval

IAB News We can use

6.2 Approval of expert team for IANA port number allocations (Lars Eggert)

6.3 Discuss next steps on fluffy errata draft (Cullen Jennings)

6.5 Confirm results of IETF LC on draft-irtf-nmrg-snmp-measure-04.txt (Dan Romascanu)

New Item: Chris added spam policy for IETF lists

7. Agenda Working Group News

6.4 RFC Editor intends to publish draft-saleem-msml-05.txt (Russ Housley)

6.1 ISOC BoT Candidate Confirmation (Executive Session) (Russ Housley)

1353 EDT Scribe left the teleconference