interim-2014-gaia-01 : gaia


Agenda, Minutes, and Bluesheets
Welcome (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-0)
Satellite Internet for Rural Access (SIRA) (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-15)
Promoting Innovation through Research – The IPID Project (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-14)
Diversity Challenges in Internet provisioning: Experiences from the N4C project (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-13)
Data collection challenges for epidemiology in Africa (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-12)
Software Defined Crowdshared Networks (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-11)
Appropriate wireless technologies for extending 3G coverage to isolated rural communities (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-10)
TV White Space and ICTD (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-9)
Information Exposure through Named Content and implications to Disaster Management (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-8)
The Economics of Time Elasticity: A case for a new mobile network service (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-7)
Why the developing world needs a load of caches (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-6)
Public Access WiFi Service (PAWS): The Quest for Delivering Free broadband Internet (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-5)
Exploring the Potential of the Rural Public Access WiFi Service (PAWS) Delivery Model: The Story So Far (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-4) Deployment experiences (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-3)
Community Clouds (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-2)
Research in Community Networking: the testbed (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-1)
A Web Browser-based Application Interaction Framework for Autonomous Neighborhood Networks (slides-interim-2014-gaia-1-16)