1) Summary of WG LC for Add path related drafts which include [15] [Alvaro Retano] [Alvaro Retano] [Alvaro Retano] [Adam Simpson]   
 2) Status of RTC related drafts [5] - Sue Hares  
  draft-dong-idr-rtc-hierarchical-rr-02 (WG Adoption) 
   draft-rosen-idr-rtc-no-rt-01 (WG Adoption)


 3) presentation on the RTC drafts [10 minutes]
draft-dong-idr-rtc-hierarchical-rr-02 (WG Adoption)    

4) BGP Yang Modules Discussion [20] 

This discussion will include a discussion of status of BGP Yang data modules
 and the needs of providers to receive  [Keyur Patel/Sue Hares]   

 An additional interims will be held on January on 1/12/2015 and 1/26/2015 with doodle pools
 confirming the times for these meetings. The topics for the January interim are
 BGP Yang modules and next-hop issues The IDR chairs are accepting additional requests
 for presentations during the January interims.