interim-2015-icnrg-01 : icnrg


Scalable Point-to-multipoint Communication Information-centric Networking - Börje Ohlman (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-9)
CCN Lite Update (v0.2.0 release, Dec 2014) - Christian Tschudin (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-14)
Named Function Networking Service chaining, big picture, division of labor boundaries - Christian Tschudin (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-13)
Update on our experimental Wire-speed CCN / NDN packet format - Massimo Gallo (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-12)
End-host behavior - Nacho Solis (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-11)
Named Function Networking - Dirk Kutscher (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-10)
CCN/NDN Protocol Wire Format and Functionality Considerations - Ravi Ravindran (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-8)
Highlight of NDN Packet Format Specification - Alex Afanasyev (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-7)
Where are the opportunities for ICN in Sensor Networks? - Ralph Droms (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-6)
CCNx 1.0 Wire Format - Marc Mosko (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-5)
CCN Control Messages - Nacho Solis (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-4)
Applicability and Tradeoffs of ICN for Efficient IoT - Anders Lindgren (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-3)
CCN and NDN TLV encodings in 802.15.4 packets - Marc Mosko (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-2)
Just Say No: Authenticated Denial for NDN - Mark Stapp (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-1)
Video over ICN - Cedric Westphal (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-0)
Packet Fragmentation in NDN: Why NDN Uses Hop-By-Hop Fragmentation - Alex Afanasyev (slides-interim-2015-icnrg-1-15)