Meeting Minutes: ITS Virtual BOF Session

Scribe: Dapeng Liu

1.  Time: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

10:00 am – 11:00 am  (Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00) , 1 hour

Chairs:  Russ Housley, Carlos Pignataro

Attendees: 14; Russ Housley, Carlos Pignataro, Alexandre Petrescu, Dapeng Liu, Arnaud Kaiser, Carsten Bormann, Dino Farinacci, Fred Templin, Jong-Hyouk Lee, Michael Breuer, Mingpeng Qi, Sandra Cespedes, Thierry Ernst, Yongjing Zhang


2. Russ Housley (Chair): Introduce the meeting agenda. This meeting will focus on the charter text discussion, which will be sent to the AD.

2.1 Alexandre Petrescu presented “Finalizing charter text and deliverables”.

2.1.1 Charter text discussion

       Latest charter version available at

       The charter text was newly written; it begins with general information of the background (V2Internet, V2V, V2I etc) and goes to very specific work items.

       Carlos: the 3rd paragraph, T2T is IRTF effort.

       Fred: At the end of 3rd paragraph, it mentioned DMM working group, also suggest to add “and other mobility solutions”.

       Russ: By coordination with “other solutions” you mean co-existence?

       Russ: At current stage, "not work on DTN(Delay-Tolerant Networking) and ICN(Information-Centric Networking)" , might work on those in the future.

2.1.2 Deliverables

       3 deliverables, 2 informational documents and 1 standard track RFC:

       General problem area RFC: explain what is ITS, V2V, V2I, references, why IPv6 is used, relationship with other SDOs etc.

       IPv6 over 802.11p RFC: “IPv6 over foo” document.

       Problem statement RFC: problem statement, security consideration and privacy considerations.

2.1.3 Timeline:

       6 milestones, group 2 by 2. This is discussion on the list. The plan is to present candidate drafts in Berlin meeting and in Nov, need to form a team of people working on the draft. The timeline can be modified based on discussion.

       Dapeng Liu: Need a meeting in Berlin, suggest to change the wording to “WG call to adopt..”.

       Russ: It is clarified and understands the plan now. Not necessarily to change.

2.1.4 Candidate drafts (Presented by Dapeng Liu)

       Currently we have 4 candidate drafts, some of them has been presented in last meeting. Open to other contributors and drafts.

       Remember to submit before submission deadline for July meeting.

       Sandra: Working on a document for work item 1.

       Thierry: Will work on IPv6 over 802.11p..

3. Russ Housley (Chair): Discussion on who is willing to work on the drafts and review the drafts.

       RussNeed to make sure there will be enough people willing to work on the drafts. For the first item: several drafts could be merged?

       Alex: Yes, several drafts could be merged and maybe publish new drafts. Several other people also willing to work on other 2 items.

       Russ: Anyone want to review the drafts?

       Alex: There are 3 developers would like to review work item 2 drafts.

       Dapeng Liu: Offline discussion with China Mobile, they have interest to review and contribute. Dino says in the chat room that he would like to review: “(Dino from chat room): I am going to read the drafts, so I have requirements for solutions we can propose from the LISP working group”

       Russ: How about the problem statement draft, anyone wants to review?

       Dapeng Liu: Russ, you can review?

       Russ Housley: Would like to review.

       Alex: Arnaud would like to review. Two others in the chat room.

       Mingpeng Qi (from chat room): I will review problem statement draft and contribute some security considerations for the draft.

       Thierry Ernst: I will also review the pb statements drafts. I take the opportunity to say that other people from ISO TC204 will contribute through the IETF - ISO liaison I'm responsible with.

4. IPv6 over 802.11p (Presented by Alex)

       Introduction of IPv6 over 802.11p.


The meeting ended at 11:am Eastern Daylight Time.