ICNRG Interim Meeting 2018-07-15, Montreal

Morning session

Mobile data repositories at edge (Ioannis Psaras)

Problem: mobile networks are not engineered to support humongous data production at edges

When filtering out noise at edge, the amount of data potentially can be reduced

Proposal: complement network connectivity with storage. User would have virtual storage capacity/alowance as they move around. Example: service for mobile providers. For this, need data-centric approach.

Benefits of store-process-send pattern:

This service is quite challenging in IP networks

Data can be shared locally, avoiding extra costs.

Technical challenges:

Future directions / open issues:


ICN in a commerical context: a video distribution and monetization solution for next generation streaming

Yves Daoust Martin Benoit


A Transport Layer and Socket API for (h)ICN: Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis (Luca Muscariello)

DMS: Dynamic Mobility Support Framework for Information Centric Networking (Aytac Azgin)

Similar to LISP where u need a mapping system in data plane. Properties similar to LISP

Afternoon session

Stateless Forwarding in Information Centric Networking

Aytac Azgin, Ravi Ravindran

CN for AR/VR

Cedric Westphal

Demo - Panoramic Video Streaming via Edge-Computing and ICN

Atsushi Tagami

Multi-dimensional Anomaly Reconstruction / 360 degree black box / Ubiquitous Witness in the Visual Fog

Eve Schooler

NRS (Name Resolution Service) use cases with a demo video on producer mobility in live streaming service

Jungha Hong

Supporting QoS aware Data Delivery in Information Centric Networks

Anil Jangham et al.

Chairs wrap-up and preview of Tuesday