PANRG Interim Meeting Agenda, June 2020

When: 17:00 - 19:30 UTC, Wed June 3rd, 2020

Where: Webex

Chairs: Jen Linkova and Brian Trammell

Minutes Taker:TBA

Blue Sheets: Use Etherpad

Time Length What Who
17:00 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda Chairs
17:05 5m Open Questions in Path Aware Networking B. Trammell
17:10 20m A Vocabulary of Path Properties T. Enghardt, C. Krähenbühl
17:30 25m Path Aware Networking: Obstacles to Deployment (A Bestiary of Roads Not Taken) S. Dawkins
17:55 20m Path Aware Networking: Research Goals S. Dawkins
18:15 20m ETOSAT Update G. Fairhurst
18:35 10m Google QUIC over Satellite Testing Update J. Border
18:45 10m Updates on QUIC Over In-sequence Paths with Different Characteristics N. Kuhn
18:55 15m Classification Problems with Encrypted Paths J. Border
19:10 20m Application-aware Networking and Path Awareness P. Liu