CBOR working group conference call, 19 May 2021

Previous meeting’s minutes: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2021-cbor-08/materials/minutes-interim-2021-cbor-08-202105051600-01

Agenda (please edit…):

draft-ietf-cbor-tags-oid: Need -07, which Carsten is almost ready to post.

CB: (paraphrasing) Options are to keep and encourage SDNVs on the generic-OID tag, or ask users to define what their SDNVs mean and use a specific tag for them.
CB: Never really discussed of how much of the tag definitions are just about syntax and structure, and how much they go into semantics. Semantics of an OID, in turn, is not defined (encryption mechanism? company?).
CB: Could add a bit more that says “but please go ahead and define your own tag”.
BL: Not much opinion in the WG.
CB, BL: small tag-definition encouraging seems like the way to go.


Emile on map-like data proposal (CB’s April draft)

CB: unfortunately unprepared
→ on agenda for next time (with “please read”)


  1. Barry Leiba, chair
  2. Christian Amsüss, chair
  3. Marco Tiloca, RISE
  4. Michael Richardson, Sandelman
  5. Emile Cormier, Independent
  6. Peter Yee, AKAYLA
  7. Carsten Bormann, TZI
  8. Rikard Höglund, RISE