CBOR working group conference call, 2021-12-15

Meetecho: https://meetings.conf.meetecho.com/interim/?short=c5973c8b-23b9-4af9-99de-3c404c16196e

Previous meetings: IETF (https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/cbor/meetings/ for overview)

Preliminary agenda (please edit):

CA: One late issue came up, good to hear if we agree. ABNF for .cat was not describing to accept text string or bytes. Proposal is to change the text to explicitly allow bytes as well.
CB: An example was already using bytes anyway.
CB relaying for Ira: Would be happy.
CA: Fine by me. Anyone has a problem, especially for it being under AUTH48? Deadline already gave by Barry for the 16th, then we proceed if no objections.
ST via chat: Seems reasonable.

Presented slides: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2021-cbor-20/materials/slides-interim-2021-cbor-20-sessa-cbor-file-magic-00.pdf

CB presenting: (p2) planned to add one more tag 55801 (like 55800 but non-CBOR data).
CB: (p3) need for good examples
CB: (p4) weird that these cf tags change semantics in 55800 and 55801. I think it’s fine though.
CB: (p5) Need for reviews; had a WGLC but non-trivial changes follow, and we would need a 2nd one (maybe?). Reviews would be needed anyway.

CA: the NNNN on the first slides are the same numbers right?
CB: you can use NNNN for anything, we have an example, it’s not CoAP content-format, it’s outside of any range
CA: if that were used with 55801, what would be following NNNN in identity encoding?
CB: the actual media-type representation follows, it’s not embedded in the tag

CA: Not worried about the specific meaning of NNNN here. Would like to hear thoughts about how this impacts the general tag processing.
CB: There is precedent with packed.
CA: But there the items that are changed inherently have “depends on context” properties.
CB: Maybe phrase that in a sentence for the document:
CA: Will do.

CA: Good to have reviews, then I’d like to have a 2nd WGLC. Barry?
BL: Yes, a 2nd WGLC makes sense.

Not discussed.

CA: That would be on the 29th. Expected to be busy, but can arrange if anything is pressing.
BL: Also busy.
chat, various: Same.

Conclusion: We skip the one on the 29th and resume on January 12th, 2022.

Notes (please volunteer to help take notes): Marco Tiloca

[CB]: Carsten Bormann
[BL]: Barry Leiba
[FP]: Francesca Palombini
[IMD]: Ira McDonald
[MCR]: Michael Richardson
[CA]: Christian Amsüss
[MT]: Marco Tiloca
[PP]: Philip Prindeville
[ST]: Sean Turner