Virtual Interim meeting 2022-09-27 1400 UTC.

  1. Note Well and Agenda Bashing

  2. WG management decisions (how will we work).

Belief that going forward that everything that was in 8989 is already
consensed, and that is the default.
That in order to change things we need active consensus to change this.

JH: reminds that we need to confirm this on the list.
RS: what, realistically is the real most publish date for this document?

BL: end of November, right after IETF115 meeting.

  1. Editorial Issues with Adopted Document

Martin shares github, and some PRs for editorial stuff were already done
and were committed.

  1. Core Content issue with Document

next steps: clean up acknowledgements, wait for additional comments...
then WGLC.

BL will post to the list the plan that he started with, that we need
proposals for change. The idea to finalize things for IETF115.

  1. AOB

DE = Donald Eastlake
JK = John Klensin
JH = Joel Halpern
RS = Robert Sparks
BL = Barry Leiba
MCR= Michael Richardson
MD = Martin Duke