[{"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

I hope people are not going to be 30 mins late\u2026

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:30:20Z"}, {"author": "Francesca Palombini", "text": "

Hi Alexey :)

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:31:04Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

Hi Francesca!

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:31:23Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

We are missing at least two people I had expected to show up -- not a really large group so far

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:33:32Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

what is the link for this meeting?

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:34:01Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

And, yes, hi Francesca. Are you sitting in for Murray today?

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:34:10Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

It is not in the agenda or in any email I can find?

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:34:11Z"}, {"author": "Barry Leiba", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T16:34:29Z"}, {"author": "Barry Leiba", "text": "

It's in the \"upcoming meetings\" page.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:34:44Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T16:35:05Z"}, {"author": "Francesca Palombini", "text": "

Hi John! Not officially, just lurking :)

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:35:34Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

Happy lurking. :-)

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:35:50Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Sent a message to the list just in case others missed it.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:36:58Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Ah, I was just talking about the meeting coordinates for this meeting, but yes, dropping a message about the design team would be good too. :wink:

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:37:50Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

I hear jck fine

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:38:42Z"}, {"author": "Francesca Palombini", "text": "

I can hear John

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:38:45Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

agree no change needed

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:38:59Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

We hear you Dave.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:40:12Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

Dave: yes

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:40:30Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Have we seen anyone attempt to stick \"interesting\" things in there? I don't remember examples. Given that, IETF Review seems fine.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:42:26Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Agree with Dave on the principle. The reason header fields should be FCFS is because a new one doesn't really effect the interoperability of anybody else. Putting new things in here (marginally) increases that risk.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:49:39Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

Would \"with http\" need a new spec or is it already sufficiently specified?

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:49:58Z"}, {"author": "Barry Leiba", "text": "

Registration could point to existing documentation.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:50:45Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

Needs category for \"raise hand while holding nose\"

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:54:18Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

There are only 9 of us. You could just poll in the chat room (unless you really want this to be anonymous).

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:54:25Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

And the chat room is useful for the :nose: emoji.

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:55:12Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Seems like the same set of issues as before. +1

", "time": "2022-12-07T16:56:16Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

John, useful if you would mute while typing.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:00:34Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

I'm more worried about implementations we don't know about or \"haven't seen\". Excluding anything but the common cases discourages new implementatiions

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:01:13Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

Who is in fs

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:01:24Z"}, {"author": "Barry Leiba", "text": "

IETF Review is good.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:01:41Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

Who is in fsvour of IETF Review for Additional clauses?

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:01:46Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Fine with me

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:02:07Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

I'm going to vote for the status quo, i.e., Standards Action or Experimental

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:02:10Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

IETF review

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:02:23Z"}, {"author": "Todd Herr", "text": "

IETF Review

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:02:29Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T17:05:23Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

Can people hear Barry?

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:05:38Z"}, {"author": "Francesca Palombini", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T17:05:44Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

Agree with Barry. This strikes a good balance.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:06:23Z"}, {"author": "Barry Leiba", "text": "

Alexey, you just seem to be having serious technology issues today.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:06:39Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

I lost audio

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:06:40Z"}, {"author": "Dave Crocker", "text": "

I think when a microphone is unmuted, the person's speaker is muted.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:07:29Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

@Dave Crocker That might be an interesting echo-cancellation issue. I've not had the problem.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:09:03Z"}, {"author": "Alexey Melnikov", "text": "

I don\u2019t hear John. Does

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:10:43Z"}, {"author": "Pete Resnick", "text": "

No, he's still muted.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:10:56Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

If someone is talking I cannot hear him

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:11:02Z"}, {"author": "Dave Crocker", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T17:14:22Z"}, {"author": "John Klensin", "text": "

+1 to mailing list.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:15:20Z"}, {"author": "Dave Crocker", "text": "

@pete, I think when a headset is used, there is no muting, but a speaker gets muted, THat seemed to be a distinction when I tested it at an earlier meeting. So, yeah, echo cancelation.

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:15:20Z"}, {"author": "John Levine", "text": "

I see no agreement about what \"the right thing\" would be so leave it alone

", "time": "2022-12-07T17:18:59Z"}, {"author": "Kenneth Murchison", "text": "


", "time": "2022-12-07T17:22:30Z"}]