2022-07-06 Agenda

IAB Agenda: 2022-07-06 0700 PDT (UTC-7)

Agenda as of 2022-07-05. IAB agendas are subject to change, up to and during the meeting.

1. Administrivia (Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

1.1. Attendance

1.2. Agenda bash and announcements 

1.3. Meeting Minutes (Cindy) <5 mins (Public)

    • 2022-06-22 business meeting - (posted 2022-06-22) 
    • 2022-06-29 business meeting - (posted 2022-06-29) 

1.4. Action item review - 10 mins (Public)


    • 2022-06-22: Cindy Morgan to update the IAB Agenda at IETF 114 to 
      include Sunday and Tuesday business meetings, in addition to the 
      joint meetings with the IESG.

    • 2022-06-22: Wes Hardaker to propose text for an IAB response to 
      the proposal for SAC113 implementation.

    • 2022-06-22: Russ White to review the MIMI BOF request.

    • 2022-06-29: Cindy Morgan to send an approval announcement for 

    • 2022-06-29: Cindy Morgan to send draft-iab-mnqeu-report out for 
      community review.

    • 2022-06-29: Cindy Morgan to send a call for feedback on the ICANN 
      Board Liaison appointment.

    • 2022-06-29: Cindy Morgan to draft a note to the IESG with the 
      IAB's recommendation for the RSWG chair appointments. 

    • 2022-06-29: Qin Wu to send the note drafted by Cindy Morgan with 
      the IAB's recommendation on the RSWG chair appointments to the 
      iesg-only list.

    • 2022-06-29: Wes Hardaker to send the IAB response to the SAC113 
      Implementation proposal to Harald Alvestrand.

  In Progress:

    • 2021-05-26: Russ White and Jared Mauch to review the IAB 
      discussion on "The Internet of Three Protocols" and draft a 
      problem statement to see if there is work that the IAB can do in 
      this space.

    • 2021-11-17: Mirja Kühlewind and Cindy Morgan to put together some 
      options for the IAB Website revamp for the IAB to review.

    • 2021-09-08: Liaison Coordinators to come up with a list of 
      potential candidates to reach out to for future IAB-appointed 

    • 2022-04-13: Liaison Coordinators/Liaison Managers to document how 
      the liaison role works for their respective SDOs.

    • 2022-05-20: Cullen Jennings to look into a possible IAB Technical 
      Discussion on Internet user identity in Internet communications 
      applications. (Goal: 2022-07-13)

    • 2022-06-15: Mirja Kühlewind to check with Robert Sparks/Tools Team 
      on how to document the proposed changes to the liaison tool and 
      approval process.

    • 2022-06-15: David Schinazi to work with Martin Thomson on a new 
      revision to draft-iab-protocol-maintenance that incorporates the 
      feedback received to date.

    • 2022-06-22: Karen O'Donoghue to finalize the initial ISOC members 
      of the IAB-ISOC ASG.

1.5. IAB Document Status Update

  Datatracker: https://datatracker.ietf.org/stream/iab/

    • draft-iab-aid-workshop-01
      IAB State: Sent to RFC Editor

    • draft-iab-mnqeu-report-03
      IAB State: Community Review (ends 2022-07-27)

    • draft-iab-path-signals-collaboration-00
      IAB State: Active IAB Document

    • draft-iab-protocol-maintenance-07
      IAB State: Active IAB Document 

    • draft-iab-rfc7991bis-04 
      I-D Exists

1.6. WG Chartering in Progress

  Datatracker: https://datatracker.ietf.org/group/chartering/   

    • Transfer dIGital cREdentialS Securely (TIGRESS)   
      IESG State: External Review
      IESG Telechat: 2022-07-14
      IAB Reviewer: Mallory Knodel

1.7. IETF 114 BOFs (Cindy) - 5 min (Public)

  Datatracker: https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/bofs/

  Goal: Confirm coverage for IETF 114

  BOF Coverage wiki: https://www.iab.org/wiki/index.php/Bof114

    • JSON Web Proofs (JWP)
      IAB Shepherd: Not requested

    • Media Over QUIC (MOQ)
      IAB Shepherd: Not requested

    • Multicast Source Routing over IPv6 (MSR6)
      IAB Shepherds: Deborah Brungard, Russ White

    • Secure Asset Transfer Protocol (SATP)
      IAB Shepherd: Wes Hardaker

    • Supply Chain Integrity, Transparency, and Trust (SCITT)
      IAB Shepherds: Jari Arkko, David Schinazi 

    • Stub Network Auto Configuration for IPv6 (SNAC)
      IAB Shepherd: Jari Arkko, Russ White

    • Transfer dIGital cREdentialS Securely (TIGRESS)
      IAB Shepherd: Not requested (placeholder for WG to be chartered)

2. IAB Response to RFI on Advancing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies 
   (Mallory, Tommy) - 15 mins (Public)

  Goal: Approve IAB response to RFI.

  Deadline: Comment period ends 2022-07-08

  Open action items:

    • 2022-06-29: Mallory Knodel and Tommy Pauly to review and edit the 
      text for the IAB response to the US government "Request for 
      Information on Advancing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies."

    • 2022-06-29: Colin Perkins to ask PEARG for input on the IAB 
      response to the US government "Request for Information on 
      Advancing Privacy-Enhancing Technologies."

3. IAB Open agenda at IETF 114 (Mirja, David) - 5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Set IAB Open Meeting agenda for IETF 114

4. IAB Business Meeting agendas at IETF 114 (Mirja, Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Get topics for IAB Business Meeting agendas at IETF 114

5. ISTS Workshop (Mirja et al) - 10 mins (Public)

  Goal: Next steps

  Open action item: 

    • 2022-06-22: Mirja Kühlewind et al find a time slot for the ISTS 
      Workshop, possibly around RIPE.

6. Measuring the environmental impact of Internet Applications and 
   Systems Workshop (Jari, Lars) - 10 mins (Public)

  Goal: Next steps

  Open action item:

    • 2022-06-22: Jari Arkko and Lars Eggert to finalize the Call for 
      Papers text for the "Measuring the environmental impact of 
      Internet Applications and Systems Workshop."

7. Conflict of Interest Update (Wes) - 5 mins (Public)

8. RFC Editor Model (Version 3) Transition and Announcement (Mirja, 
   Cindy) - 5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Approve announcement text

9. Next IAB Meeting <5 mins (Public)

  Goal: Does the IAB have a tech topic for 2022-07-13?

10. Executive Session: CCG Appointment

  Goal: Vote