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", "time": "2022-10-12T17:00:23Z"}, {"author": "Karen O'Donoghue", "text": "

Here is the notes page

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:00:27Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Thank you Pam!

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:03:33Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Outline per the agenda added to the Notes

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:04:08Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Materials from the IETF 114 BoF = https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/114/session/jwp

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:05:28Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

+1 to the transformation framing.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:09:38Z"}, {"author": "Peter Saint-Andre", "text": "

I can help with notetaking but I probably need to drop off halfway through.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:12:21Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Thank you Peter!

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:12:36Z"}, {"author": "Karen O'Donoghue", "text": "

Thank you Peter... and Pam.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:13:25Z"}, {"author": "David Waite", "text": "

peanut gallery comment - the processing complexity was also often a problem before; having a feature phone be able to do the cryptography in pure software in a responsive time frame

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:13:32Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

+1 to Knowledge Protection as the framing.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:18:46Z"}, {"author": "Gabriel Bauman", "text": "

+1, excellent framing.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:19:02Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

+1 Mike Jones - this is an excellent summary

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:21:27Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

IETF is the right place to define securing JSON knowledge. +1 Mike.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:21:36Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

and, yes +1 to IETF being the right place for this

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:21:54Z"}, {"author": "Daniel Buchner", "text": "

Here here!

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:25:15Z"}, {"author": "Daniel Buchner", "text": "

Credentials - the 0.1% of identity that somehow gets 99% of the eyeballs

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:25:46Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

+1 Daniel

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:26:01Z"}, {"author": "Daniel Buchner", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T17:26:27Z"}, {"author": "Jeremie Miller", "text": "

+1 Daniel, only the tip of the iceberg

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:26:33Z"}, {"author": "Pamela Dingle", "text": "

If anyone has time to move things under the right headers please do. Also adding the creds of the. speakers

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:28:00Z"}, {"author": "Karen O'Donoghue", "text": "

Sorry folks... My laptop fan is going strong and introducing noise...

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:30:24Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Brian's audio is choppy, can you start again.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:30:56Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Speakers: Please don't switch on video if you have bandwidth problems.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:32:05Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

+1 to JOSE being the right way to solve for this.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:35:36Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

+1 to JOSE - great track record for practical applications here, and this is naturally an extension based on new innovations that apply to JOSE

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:35:54Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Thread on ML being discussed = https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/jose/ROCL5uXfAIj74_1o9Dv6jQGcv78/

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:35:55Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Is there a problem for the IETF to solve?
\n17 = raised hand
\n1 = did not raise the hand

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:37:11Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Can we hear from the 1?

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:37:28Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

OK, that is a different question actually

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:38:48Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T17:38:54Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

I agree it is not yet clearly defined!

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:39:02Z"}, {"author": "Mike Jones", "text": "

Thanks, Brian

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:39:09Z"}, {"author": "Peter Saint-Andre", "text": "

Brian: is your concern primarily that the problem isn't clear, or that the new framing isn't yet reflected in the draft charter?

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:42:32Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

PSA, kinda both but more the latter.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:45:28Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

if that makes any sense

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:45:43Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

I have to jump off for an interruption, but wish to echo full support for this work again, and will try and hop back on

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:49:36Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Interested to hear more. In the reframing here (not the charter): Problem: JOSE container format doesn't support ZKP algorithms. Solution: Extend the JOSE format to support the ZKP algorithms and associated interfaces.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:49:56Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

What would COSE do? :)

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:50:18Z"}, {"author": "Gabriel Bauman", "text": "

+1 developing representations at the same time

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:52:53Z"}, {"author": "Jeremie Miller", "text": "

+1 Carsten

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:52:56Z"}, {"author": "Shawn Butterfield", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T17:53:01Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T17:53:12Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

JWT doesn't support multiple signatures :(

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:53:48Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

that is clear Roman. Yes and sorry for poor communication on my part. I have some hesitation in saying it's clear due to not having a good understanding of zkp. But that's me.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:54:43Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T17:55:22Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

I will need to drop soon.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:55:54Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

Thanks Roman!

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:57:22Z"}, {"author": "Mike Jones", "text": "

I'm obviously interested

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:58:57Z"}, {"author": "Mike Jones", "text": "

I'm doing work already

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:05Z"}, {"author": "Shawn Butterfield", "text": "

I'm extremely interested in doing work on JWP

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:25Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Show of hands, please.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:34Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

(1) Contributors

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:42Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

(2) Reviewers

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:46Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Show of hands

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:48Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Please do use poll tool.

", "time": "2022-10-12T17:59:51Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:00:16Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Who is willing to contribute to the work?
\n13 / 21

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:01:09Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

0 /21 (hands down)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:01:17Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Who is willing to review the work?
\n14 / 21 (raised hands)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:02:10Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

16 / 21 (raised hands)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:02:40Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

I am dropping, I support the draft charter as a starting point, but it needs further refinement.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:03:49Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:05:16Z"}, {"author": "Karen O'Donoghue", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:05:21Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

\"Would you support chartering a WG around <follow the link\" these deliverables?\"

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:05:39Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

I'd diddle the test vector thing a bit.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:06:31Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

\"Would you support chartering a WG around the deliverables in <follow the link>?\"

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:06:37Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Important clarification

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:09:21Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

\"Specify new algorithms\" = Not inventing new algorithms

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:09:23Z"}, {"author": "Shawn Butterfield", "text": "

+1 that was my question

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:09:43Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

I agreed we should clarify!

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:09:55Z"}, {"author": "Gabriel Bauman", "text": "

+1 Roman - charter is specifying which algorithms will be used, not implying wg would develop algs

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:10:03Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

There is endless wordsmithing that can be applied to the top

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:12:09Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

We really need to do Mike's points

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:13:32Z"}, {"author": "Shawn Butterfield", "text": "

Maybe move it up in the document?

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:15:42Z"}, {"author": "Pamela Dingle", "text": "

I think I have it captured Brian but please review

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:16:06Z"}, {"author": "Tobias Looker", "text": "

I mean it is kind of debate-able about where the boundary of JOSE is in reference to SD-JWT

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:17:05Z"}, {"author": "Tobias Looker", "text": "

+1 John thats what I believe too

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:17:25Z"}, {"author": "Tobias Looker", "text": "

SD-JWT is a new layer ontop of JOSE

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:17:40Z"}, {"author": "Tobias Looker", "text": "

So its not in-accurate to say JOSE cannot solve this natively

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:17:59Z"}, {"author": "Gabriel Bauman", "text": "

+1 John. We need to clarify. You can compose a SD solution out of JWTs, but JWTs are just components of a SD solution

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:18:59Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:19:26Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

I can got after Victorio

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:19:47Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Please don't write a textbook into the charter

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:20:37Z"}, {"author": "Mike Jones", "text": "

I agree with not writing a textbook in the charter :-)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:20:52Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Yes! Let's stick to the consensus we have here:

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:21:07Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Problem: JOSE container format doesn't support ZKP algorithms.
\nSolution: Extend the JOSE format to support the ZKP algorithms and associated interfaces.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:21:08Z"}, {"author": "Mike Jones", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:21:18Z"}, {"author": "Shawn Butterfield", "text": "


", "time": "2022-10-12T18:21:23Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

for the notes, I'm just looking to have text like \"first limitation is handling selective disclosure\" be make accurate or toned down by not stating a limitation that's an actual limitation

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:22:14Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

make -> made

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:22:36Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

that's an actual limitation -> that's not an actual limitation

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:25:16Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

sorry... can't type or talk apparently

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:25:30Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Options are (1) re-open JOSE + re-use JOSE-list; (2) new-WG-name + re-use JOSE-list; or (3) new-WG-name + new ML

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:30:21Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

I just heard option (1)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:30:28Z"}, {"author": "Jeremie Miller", "text": "

+1 on (1)

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:30:43Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

side meeting it is...

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:35:03Z"}, {"author": "Peter Saint-Andre", "text": "

I need to drop. Thanks for the BoF.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:35:09Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

can the side meeting use the bof time and space?

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:35:35Z"}, {"author": "Brian Campbell", "text": "

guess not...

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:35:46Z"}, {"author": "David Waite", "text": "

can the side meeting be open to remote participants?

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:35:59Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Correct. Side meetings do NOT get meetecho suport

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:36:21Z"}, {"author": "Jeremie Miller", "text": "

I will not be able to attend London in person but happy to participate remotely

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:37:16Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

WG and RG chairs can schedule meetecho meetings that can be used for side meetings

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:37:18Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

A side meeting will be a sign of success.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:37:18Z"}, {"author": "Roman Danyliw", "text": "

Thank you!

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:38:48Z"}, {"author": "Gabriel Bauman", "text": "

Exciting stuff! Looking forward to working on this further.

", "time": "2022-10-12T18:38:55Z"}]