[{"author": "Hans-J\u00f6rg Happel", "text": "Good evening!
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:31:02Z"}, {"author": "Aaron Parecki", "text": "i am here but my mic isn\u2019t working, one sec
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:31:46Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "I can try to take notes at times but can't do it alone since I'm presenting for 20~~ mins..
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:32:55Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "Mailing list has the old name
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:34:20Z"}, {"author": "Hans-J\u00f6rg Happel", "text": "Organizational side q: do we need to fill bluesheets in protocol, or will this work automatically as it did at last IETF?
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:48:17Z"}, {"author": "Nancy Cam-Winget", "text": "No bluesheets are needed as I believe meetecho records the attendance
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:48:46Z"}, {"author": "Hans-J\u00f6rg Happel", "text": "Great, thanks!
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:48:54Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "https://github.com/ietf-scim-wg
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:50:48Z"}, {"author": "Nancy Cam-Winget", "text": "https://github.com/ietf-scim-wg/draft-ietf-scim-api
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:53:04Z"}, {"author": "Nancy Cam-Winget", "text": "https://github.com/ietf-scim-wg/draft-ietf-scim-core-schema
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:53:16Z"}, {"author": "Aaron Parecki", "text": "https://github.com/ietf-scim-wg/draft-zollner-scim-api
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:58:55Z"}, {"author": "Aaron Parecki", "text": "https://github.com/ietf-scim-wg/draft-zollner-scim-core-schema
", "time": "2022-05-11T19:58:58Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "For MV Filtering I'm in favor of the need for the feature/behavior to be added. I have not yet had a chance to thoroughly review, however.
", "time": "2022-05-11T20:02:59Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "Sorry about the bad notes fwiw, I'm trying..
", "time": "2022-05-11T20:06:49Z"}, {"author": "Nancy Cam-Winget", "text": "https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-hunt-scim-mv-filtering-00.html
", "time": "2022-05-11T20:07:46Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "np :)
", "time": "2022-05-11T20:26:11Z"}, {"author": "Danny Zollner", "text": "Thank you!
", "time": "2022-05-11T20:28:45Z"}]