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Thou Art IAB Chair. We are all IAB Chair!

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I'll turn on my video when I'm done with dinner :-)

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skip for December.

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I haven't incorporated their comments fully

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RFC 5388 is \"Information Model and XML Data Model for Traceroute Measurements\" what is the link with email headers ? (out of curiosity)

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I just reviewed the infrastructure strategy. Looks good to me. Really like the part about Automated, transparent and accessible infrastructure management. Thanks for we work!

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Thanks Mirja!

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Russ: what was the bibxml issue number (foreign first names)?

", "time": "2022-10-11T18:30:57Z"}, {"author": "Russ Housley", "text": "

The field in the Ribose data is called forename. That is the first name, I believe

", "time": "2022-10-11T18:31:44Z"}, {"author": "Kesara Rathnayake", "text": "

re forename: https://github.com/ietf-tools/bibxml-service/issues/300 we are waiting for PR from Ribose.

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Example: https://bib.ietf.org/get-one/by-docid/?doctype=NIST&docid=NIST+IR+90-4250&format=bibxml

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