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do we have a plan about BlockAddIDValue values

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:23:32Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

I think webm started using a value of 4, but do we need to reserve others?

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:23:50Z"}, {"author": "Steve Lhomme", "text": "

I think you're talking about https://github.com/ietf-wg-cellar/matroska-specification/pull/745

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:25:29Z"}, {"author": "Steve Lhomme", "text": "

the change is in the codec document, not sure we should put it in the main one

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:25:49Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

ah yes, just checking that everyone agreed

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:25:54Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

as it's a mix of implementation and standards work concurrently

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:26:07Z"}, {"author": "Steve Lhomme", "text": "

given we're leaning on RECOMMENDED, there's no need to \"reserve\" the value which would be a hard limitation forever

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:27:15Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "


", "time": "2023-04-04T19:29:03Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

last meeting, i promised to send an email nudge to the working group but i hadn't done that yet

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:29:36Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

on ffv1-v4

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:29:45Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

sorry, no mic 0:)

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:29:58Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

for v4 i think we just need to stir up some discussion

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:30:23Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

for a reminder you can see current v4 ideas/wishes at https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFV1/issues

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:30:57Z"}, {"author": "Steve Lhomme", "text": "


", "time": "2023-04-04T19:37:17Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

One more thing to think about is that No Time to Wait (7) is Nov 8-10 in Prague, which overlaps with IETF 118 which is Nov 4-10 and also in Prague. And ... it was in Prague at IETF 93 where the cellar working group was born (https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/93/materials/agenda-93-dispatch).

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", "time": "2023-04-04T19:40:17Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

Michael Niedermayer marks releases in github to correlate with the data tracker versions

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:49:26Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

very crazy coincidence

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Kino NFA Ponrepo, it's the cinema of the National Film Archive

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:56:21Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

yes, we have no hotel

", "time": "2023-04-04T19:56:28Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

let us know if there's any good IETF parties to crash

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