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Lots of interesting stuff happening today in the US: https://energycentral.com/c/ec/harmonization-cybersecurity-across-critical-infrastructure-moving-fast

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Hello everyone!

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Hi Kay

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Do we need to book a SCITT hackathon project for the week-end?

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I am also wondering how to follow up on the slide deck from IETF115, notably the issues summarizing the hackathon in London.

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Followup on the London Hackathon topics is a good portion for updates.

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Question on the architecture perhaps ripe for discussion at IETF116: does the architecture scale to allow consumers to gather all the evidence they need to address the main use cases?

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Perhaps my scaling question is good for a hackathon

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Neal: yes!

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Neal, can you define \"scale\" in this topic?

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If software developers around the world are constantly updating supply chain info and consuming it, providing evidence for billions of end-users who use it frequently to query a variety of bits of evidence relevant to whether a particular artifact meets their specific requirements, that could be a lot of traffic

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And of course IETF is renowned for having expertise in scaling protocols and systems

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Gotcha. I think you're asking if a single instance would scale to the worlds demands?

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I'm focused on a consumer meeting their own needs. Via one or many instances.

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So it really melds the use case and architecture discussions

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SCITT is intended to be run my multiple entities. Software Vendors will host their own SCITT instances, for instance Microsoft will host a SCITT instance for its software.
\nOther vendors will host theirs.
\nThere will likely be other entities, from security vendors or industry verticals that will host statement around various software products

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RFC9334 (rats architecture) states in Section 1: \"Amongst other things, this document is about trust and trustworthiness. Trust is a choice one makes about another system. Trustworthiness is a quality about the other system that can be used in making one's decision to trust it or not. This is a subtle difference\"

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+1 to append-only log

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Consumers (not necessarily end users), but consumers of SCITT will query the SCITT Transparency Services related to the software they care about.
\nThey could then query other SCITT Transparency Services for statements related to their software from entities they trust.

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Neal: the hope is to scale up the updates by registering only a summary of the update info, e.g. hashed commitments to large SBOMs. For the lookups, we can replicate the registry and still issue recent receipts, so it is less a bottleneck (although it can still be quite costly to scale up). But I'd be happy to go through the details.

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I agree S/MIME is broadly adopted across the Energy industry for data interchange

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Charlie, my push is to ensure we have a flexible format that allows movement on identity.

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@Roy I agree - just have a concern that COSE is not widely used/understood yet

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Investments in libraries and examples are key, but COSE is a progression from JSON signing and encryption via CBOR. Outlining which languages need to be brought up first, which groups review and perform threat models are larger than this. Some of which may come up in the IETF COSE meeting.

", "time": "2023-03-20T16:44:44Z"}, {"author": "Roy Williams", "text": "

It is scope is increasing and it is actively being worked through. One of the first questions I had when this came up is \"Do we know why we should not use S\\MIME?\".

", "time": "2023-03-20T16:45:53Z"}, {"author": "Roy Williams", "text": "

Field confusion within the serialization format is important to keep our eye on. Getting out of the ASN.1 parsing business will help.

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Agree with Yogesh, let's use GitHub to track issues/questions regarding the architecture document.

", "time": "2023-03-20T16:48:11Z"}, {"author": "Cedric Fournet", "text": "

Agreed. Also a good way to improve the architecture text!

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Yogesh: can we use the use cases as a gentle intro to SCITT, or do we need a technical summary before?

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Using restaurant cleanliness scores may not translate well to international audience.

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A restaurant cleanliness board is an example of one scitt instance, but on top of that note that different people have different restaurant requirements like looking for Halal food, made carefully separated from a variety of allergens, using locally-sourced ingredients, organic ingredients, paying a fair wage, securely managing credit cards they take from you, etc etc.

", "time": "2023-03-20T16:57:06Z"}, {"author": "Neal McBurnett", "text": "

so I want the end-user to be able to query to meet their overlap of requirements

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Does anyone have context on the \"key transparency BOF\" at IETF116?

", "time": "2023-03-20T16:59:20Z"}, {"author": "Neal McBurnett", "text": "

And whether the bananas were shipped properly :)

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I've got a hard stop at the hour.


I believe we need the online discussions, but agree with Charlie to stay focused on the agenda items and timeboxed.


I would vote for weekly meetings after IETF 116, at the same time.
\nOnce we get back in sync with UK/US times.

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That analogy was presented by Anne Neuberger in a video, linked in this article: https://energycentral.com/c/um/what-does-it-mean-rebalance-cybersecurity-risk

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Yes Anne Nueberger is excellent!

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