[{"author": "Martijn van Beurden", "text": "

Is meetecho down or it is something with my connection?

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:04:51Z"}, {"author": "Martijn van Beurden", "text": "

I seem unable to connect to the meetecho

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:10:20Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

link about ffv1 as \"preferred format\" https://blogs.loc.gov/thesignal/2023/12/embracing-ffv1-matroska-container-preferred/#:~:text=Starting%20in%202020%2C%20FFV1%2FMKV,constraint%20about%20captions%20and%20timecodes.

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:12:30Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

and then we can have one document for each defined metadata tag :D

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:27:45Z"}, {"author": "Michael Richardson", "text": "

we said his name three times, and he appeared.

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:52:05Z"}, {"author": "Dave Rice", "text": "

i started https://github.com/FFmpeg/FFV1/issues/275 for discussion on ffv1 exceptions

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:57:04Z"}, {"author": "J\u00e9r\u00f4me Martinez", "text": "


", "time": "2024-01-23T20:57:59Z"}, {"author": "Steve Lhomme", "text": "

I used the link from https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2024-cellar-01/session/cellar

", "time": "2024-01-23T20:58:02Z"}]