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Call for Nominations - NomCom06
October 16, 2006

Andrew Lange <>
IETF Announcement list <>
October 16, 2006
Call for Nominations - NomCom06
NomCom06 is now accepting nominations for open IAB, IESG and IAOC 

To nominate a candidate visit:

and fill the form in with the requested information.

Please also include information on why this person would be good for 
the nominated position in the comments field.

The nomination form requires a login. If you do not already have one, 
you can visit this page:

to create a login for yourself.

IESG positions that will be reviewed by this NomCom are:

Brian Carpenter -- General Area (IETF Chair)
Ted Hardie -- Applications Area
Mark Townsley -- Internet Area
David Kessens -- Operations and Management Area
Jon Peterson -- RT Apps & Infrastructure Area (currently on one 
year term)
Bill Fenner -- Routing Area
Russ Housley -- Security Area
Lars Eggert -- Security Area (currently on one year term)

IAB members whose positions will be reviewed by this NomCom are:

Bernard Aboba
Loa Andersson
Kurtis Lindqvist
Dave Meyer
Dave Thaler (currently on one year term)
Lixia Zhang

The IAOC member whose term will expire is:

Jonne Soininen

The nomination period will at end noon Pacific Time November 16, 2006.

Any member of the IETF community my nominate any member of the IETF 
community for any position. Self-nominations are permitted and 

Likewise, if you have any feedback regarding current incumbents, you 
can submit it via the online tool as comments to a nomination or send 
it to