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NomCom volunteer list
October 6, 2003

Richard Draves <>
IETF Announcement list <>
October 6, 2003
NomCom volunteer list
The final list of volunteers for the 2003 NomCom can be found at I would like to thank everyone who

I will run the selection process and announce the results on October 10,
2003. Ten NomCom voting members will be chosen from the pool of
volunteers according to the procedure described by Donald Eastlake in
RFC 2777, "Publicly Verifiable Nomcom Random Selection". The source of
randomness will be based on the shares-traded number of the 12 stocks
specified below.

At this time, 2727bis has not yet been approved as an RFC. Hence I will
use RFC 2727's eligibility criteria (attended 2 of the last 3 IETF
meetings) when performing the random selection. I will not check the
primary affiliation of the volunteers. If the RFC 2777 algorithm selects
an ineligible volunteer, I will repeat the method until I have ten
eligible and willing volunteers.

The official shares-traded numbers (denoted in 000s) will be drawn from
the October 10, 2003 Wall Street Journal which reports the sales figures
from the previous trading day - October 9, 2003. If trading in any of
the stocks is suspended, then the shares traded will be assumed to be 0.

The NomCom voting members will start their term on October 17, after the
IETF community has had a chance to review the random selection process.

Thank you,

Rich Draves <>


Motorola (MOT)
Lucent (LU)
Nortel (NT)
Liberty (L)
Pfizer (PFE)
General Electric (GE)
Nokia (NOK)
EMC Corp (EMC)
FTI Consulting (FCN)
Citigroup (C)
Corning (GLW)
Tyco International (TYC)