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NomCom Selection
October 10, 2003

Richard Draves <>
IETF Announcement list <>
October 10, 2003
NomCom Selection
Please welcome the voting members of this year's nomcom:

Kireeti Kompella <>
Abdul-jabbar Asiri <>
Jin Seek Choi <>
Richard Shockey <>
Ralph Droms <>
David E. Martin <>
Dan Forsberg <>
Ole J. Jacobsen <>
Basavaraj Patil <>
Andrew Thiessen <>

The non-voting members are: 

Rich Draves <> (chair)
Phil Roberts <> (previous chair) 
Bill Fenner <> (IESG liaison) 

The IAB has not yet selected its liaison - that should happen next week.

The ISOC has appointed Brian Carpenter <> as its
liaison. Because 2727bis has not yet been approved, following the
procedures of RFC 2727 I will propose the addition of Brian as a
liaison, subject to the nomcom's approval.

The nomcom's term will start on October 17, 2003, after the IETF
community has had a chance to review the selection process.

Information on this year's selection process is available at I used the RFC 2727 eligibility rules.