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Randy Bush replacement schedule
December 1, 2003

Richard Draves <>
IETF Announcement list <>
December 1, 2003
Randy Bush replacement schedule
For mid-term vacancies, RFC 2727 says "the selection and confirmation
process is expected to be completed within 1 month." However, there are
several factors that make a one-month schedule impractical in this

1. Some nominees for Randy's O&M AD position are also under
consideration for other positions.
2. The two O&M ADs need to have complementary skills.
3. Candidates with operational experience & relationships are rare.
4. The Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons.

To have the best chance of producing a high-quality result, the NomCom
(after consulting with ISOC and the IAB as confirming body) has arrived
at the following schedule for filling Randy Bush's O&M AD position:

1. Nominations due to NomCom by Dec 1, 2003.
2. NomCom produces confidential short-list by Dec 10.
3. NomCom makes decision by Dec 22.
4. NomCom notifies IAB on Jan 5, 2004.
5. IAB confirms (or rejects) by Jan 19.