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NomCom 2019 Call for Community Feedback
November 3, 2019

NomCom Chair 2019 <>
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November 3, 2019
NomCom 2019 Call for Community Feedback
Community Feedback Requested!

Feedback for IAB, IESG Area Directors, IETF Trust and LLC Board.

The 2019-20 Nominating Committee has collected a list of willing
candidates for the positions open this cycle.  You can see the list at

You may provide feedback using the web form there; it is secure.  
All web feedback goes into the datatracker using asymmetric 
encryption, which is then decrypted by the NomCom members 
as they read it.  Your feedback can not be seen by the secretariat, the 
tools people, or any of the management.

Your feedback through the web form is not anonymous when shown to
NomCom members as you need an IETF login to provide it.

If you want to give truly anonymous feedback, please contact one 
of the NomCom members that you trust directly, and ask him/her to
relay the feedback anonymously to the NomCom.

You can also submit feedback via email to nomcom-chair-2019 at and I will enter it in the datatracker. One email per 
candidate, please. Please indicate if I should share your identity
with the full NomCom.

We will announce office hours in Singapore  IETF 106 shortly.

The positions to be filled and the desired expertise are found here:

Thank you so much for your feedback - we really value it and 
appreciate your time taken to submit it.


Victor Kuarsingh
victor at jvknet dot com
nomcom-chair-2019 at ietf dot org