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Nomcom 2007-8: First Call for Volunteers
June 4, 2007

NomCom Chair <>
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June 4, 2007
Nomcom 2007-8: First Call for Volunteers

If you have attended 3 out of the past 5 IETF meetings, you are eligible to
serve on Nomcom 2007-2008.  Please volunteer and you may become one of the
voting members of the committee that selects about half of the members to the
IESG and IAB and one IAOC member.  RFC 3777 describes the process and the
responsibilities in detail.  Below is the list of people from the IESG, IAB and
IAOC whose terms end during the March 2008 IETF meeting.


Ed Juskevicius


Leslie Daigle
Elwyn Davies
Kevin Fall
Olaf Kolkman
David Oran
Eric Rescorla


Lisa Dusseault -- Applications Area Director Jari Arkko -- Internet Area
Director Dan Romascanu -- Operations and Management Area Director Cullen
Jennings -- Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area Director Ross Callon
--- Routing Area Director Sam Hartman -- Security Area Director Magnus
Westerlund -- Transport Area Director

Before volunteering, please think about whether you want to be considered for
one of those positions instead.  If you are already convinced, please send an
email before 12:00 noon ET (16:00 UTC/GMT) on July 5, 2007 (otherwise, please
read on)

Subject: Nomcom 2007-8 Volunteer

<Your Full Name>   // As you enter in the IETF Registration Form,
                           // First/Given name followed by Last/Family Name
<Current Primary Affiliation> // typically what goes in the Company field
                                          //  in the IETF Registration Form
[<all email addresses used to Register for the past 5 IETF meetings>] <Preferred
email address>  //
<Telephone number>         // For confirmation if selected

Please expect an email response from me within 1-2 days stating whether you are
qualified or not.  If you don't receive anything, please re-send your email with
the tag (duplicate) in the subject line.

Not convinced yet?  Please consider that nomcom members play an important role
in shaping the leadership of the IETF.  If you are a people person, you will
enjoy meeting many of the active contributors to the IETF.  If you prefer
instead to read a lot of email, well, we have that too.  Being a nomcom member
is also an important responsibility: it requires adherence to confidentiality
rules and some time commitment from the members.  The term begins just prior to
the Chicago meeting and we expect most of the work to be completed by January
2008.  During this period, the nomcom members

-- collect requirements from the community and interviews candidates
     during the Chicago and Vancouver IETF meetings
-- review candidates' statements and weighs community feedback
-- participate in candidate selection deliberations (weekly conferences

Nomcom members are selected following a publicly verifiable random selection
method specified in RFC 3797.

For the nomcom to work as it should, the pool from which the volunteers are
chosen should be as large as possible. The more people who volunteer, the better
chance we have of choosing a random yet representative cross section of the IETF

Ensuring the leadership of the IETF is fair and balanced and comprised of those
who can lead the IETF in the right direction is an important responsibility that
rests on the IETF participants at large.  Volunteering for the nomcom is a good
way of contributing in that direction.  So please volunteer!