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Nomcom 2007-8: Ordered List of Volunteers and Date and Method of Random Selection
July 6, 2007

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July 6, 2007
Nomcom 2007-8: Ordered List of Volunteers and Date and Method of Random Selection
We have 108 (please see Note1 below) eligible volunteers this year. Many thanks
to all of you for volunteering.

Below is the sorted (by last name) list of volunteers. The numbering is final.

Date of Random Selection:  July 13, 2007.

Method of Random Selection: RFC 3797 (Randomness sources are listed toward the
end of the message).

List of volunteers:

1. Bernard Aboba                   Microsoft
2. Alain Patrick Aina              AfriNIC
3. Zafar Ali                       Cisco Systems
4. Chandra Appanna                 Cisco
5. Derek Atkins                    PGP Corportation
6. Alia Atlas                      Google
7. Gabor Bajko                     Nokia
8. Mary Barnes                     Nortel
9. Richard Barnes                  BBN Technologies
10. Lou Berger                     LabN Consulting
11. Steven Blake                   Ericsson
12. Christopher Boulton            Ubiquity Software Corporation
13. Marcelo Bagnulo Braun          Huawei Labs at UC3M
14. Scott Brim                     Cisco Systems
15. Stewart Bryant                 Cisco Systems
16. John Jason Brzozowski          Comcast
17. Eric Burger                    BEA Systems, Inc.
18. Ian Chakeres                   Motorola
19. Kwok Ho Chan                   Nortel
20. Tim Chown                      University of Southampton
21. Dave CROCKER                   Brandenburg InternetWorking
22. Spencer Dawkins                Huawei Technologies
23. Hui Deng                       Hitachi
24. Vijay Devarapalli              Azaire Networks
25. Keith Drage                    Alcatel-Lucent
26. John Drake                     Boeing Satellite Systems
27. Donald Eastlake 3rd            Motorola
28. Don Fedyk                      Nortel Networks
29. Bill Fenner                    AT&T Labs - Research
30. Miguel A. Garcia               Nokia Siemens Networks
31. Randall Gellens                Qualcomm
32. Dorothy Gellert                Nokia
33. Gerardo Giaretta               Qualcomm
34. Eric Gray                      Ericsson
35. Wassim Haddad                  Ericsson Research
36. Joel M. Halpern                Independent Consultant
37. Stephen Hanna                  Juniper Networks, Inc.
38. Jani Hautakorpi                Ericsson
39. Bernie Hoeneisen               SWITCH
40. Paul Hoffman                   VPN Consortium & Cybersecurity
41. Avshalom Houri                 IBM
42. Markus Isomaki                 Nokia
43. Ole Jacobsen                   Cisco Systems
44. Joel Jaeegli                   Nokia
45. Robert Jaksa                   Huawei
46. Ed Jankiewicz                  SRI International
47. Ingemar Johansson              Ericsson AB
48. Petri Jokela                   Ericsson
49. Stephen Kent                   BBN Technologies
50. Sohel Khan                     Comcast Cable Communications
51. Atif Khan                      Juniper Networks
52. T.J. Kniveton                  Nokia
53. Suresh Krishnan                Ericsson Research
54. Kari Laihonen                  TeliaSonera
55. Eliot Lear                     Cisco Systems GmbH
56. Yiu Lee                        Comcast Cable
57. Simon Leinen                   SWITCH
58. Henrik Levkowetz               Ericsson
59. Dan Li                         Huawei Technologies
60. Marco Liebsch                  NEC
61. Salvatore Loreto               Ericsson
62. John Loughney                  Nokia
63. AC Mahendran                   QUALCOMM
64. Jukka MJ Manner                University of Helsinki
65. Xavier Marjou                  France Telecom
66. Enrico Marocco                 Telecom Italia
67. Luca Martini                   Cisco
68. David Meyer                    University of Oregon/Cisco Systems
69. Brian Minard                   Certicom Corp.
70. Stephen Nadas                  Ericsson
71. Thomas D. Nadeau               Cisco Systems, Inc.
72. Madjid Nakhjiri                Huawei USA
73. An Nguyen                      National Communications System (NCS)
74. Pekka Nikander                 Ericsson Research Nomadic Lab
75. Oscar Novo                     Ericsson
76. Karen O'Donoghue               NSWCDD (US Navy)
77. Hamid Ould-Brahim              Nortel
78. dimitri papadimitriou          alcatel-lucent bell
79. Tom Phelan                     Sonus Networks
80. Juergen Quittek                NEC
81. Yakov Rekhter                  Juniper Networks
82. Pete Resnick                   QUALCOMM
83. Michael Richardson             Xelerance Corporation
84. Pasi Sarolahti                 Nokia
85. Benson Schliesser              Savvis
86. Christian Schmidt              Nokia Siemens Networks
87. Thomas Schmidt                 HAW Hamburg
88. John Scudder                   Juniper Networks
89. Martin Stiemerling             NEC
90. Shinta Sugimoto                (Nippon)Ericsson K.K.
91. Andrew Sullivan                Afilias Canada
92. George Swallow                 Cisco Systems
93. Attila Takacs                  Ericsson
94. Tina TSOU                      Huawei Technologies. Co. Ltd
95. Henk Uijterwaal                RIPE NCC
96. JP Vasseur                     Cisco Systems
97. Olle Viktorsson                Ericsson
98. Matthias Waehlisch             HAW Hamburg & link-lab
99. Thomas Walsh                   Juniper Networks
100. Samuel Weiler                 SPARTA
101. Stephan Wenger                Nokia
102. Craig White                   Juniper Networks
103. Carl Williams                 Huawei USA
104. Mark Williams                 Juniper Networks
105. Dan Wing                      Cisco
106. Ahmad R. Yazdi                Cisco Systems
107. Kurt Zeilenga                 Isode
108. Yi Zhao                       Huawei Technologies

* Note1: Andrew Newton has asked to be removed from the list on July 5th, 2007.

The following 4 sources (please see Note2 below) of randomness shall be used as
input to the RFC 3797 algorithm.

1. EuroMillions  Fri July 13, 2007 Results:

All 7 numbers (5 numbers from 1 - 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 - 9)
Results available online around 10 PM UK time.

e.g., Fri  Jun, 22 07 results 11 16 17 22 34 05 06
We input 11 16 17 22 34 5 6

2. US National debt ("Debt Held by the Public"), published by the Treasury
department as of July 12, 2007 (Published on July 13, 2007)

"The system is updated daily with the previous day's data. The update typically
takes place around 3:00 pm EDT."

That according to

Web Development Branch
Bureau of the Public Debt"

Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods from the "Debt Held by the Public"

e.g., Fri June 22, 2007  4,950,586,161,721.14
We select  16172114

3. US National debt ("Intragovernmental Holdings"), published by the Treasury
department as of July 12, 2007 (Published on July 13, 2007)

Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods from the "Intragovernmental

e.g., Fri June 22, 2007    3,852,643,882,285.79
We select  88228579

4. Lottery again, Megamillions

All 6 numbers (including the Mega Ball) from the drawing on July 13, 2007 (at
11:00 pm US Eastern time).

e.g., Fri June 22, 2007 result 11, 14, 21, 24, 31, 23
We input 11 14 21 24 31 23

All the inputs are to RFC 3797 selection algorithm. There is source code in
that RFC and an example.

+++++++ The following applies if there are exceptional circumstances +++++++++
Note2: If the National Debt information information were not available on July
13th, we wait until Monday, July 16th for it to be available. If one of the two
lottery drawings were to be canceled, we proceed with 3 out of the 4 sources of
randomness as input to the 3797 algorithm. If both lottery drawings were to be
canceled, we use the following procedure:

a. Substitute EuroMillions with Lotto Results
( from Saturday,
July 14 2007 -- All 7 numbers including the Bonus number.
(The substitution is so we don't have to wait a week) -- and run the procedure
on the 14th. All other information is as specified earlier. At this point, we
will be using 3 out of the 4 sources.

b. If the Lotto on Saturday were also to be canceled, we use the following:
Megamillions: All 6 numbers (including the Mega Ball) from the drawing on July
17, 2007 (at 11:00 pm US Eastern time). Once again, we will be using 3 out of
the 4 sources.

Nomcom 2007-8 Chair