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Nomcom 2007-8: IESG Selection Announcement
February 19, 2008

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February 19, 2008
Nomcom 2007-8: IESG Selection Announcement

The nomcom has finished the IESG member selection process and the IAB
has confirmed the following individuals for a two-year term as IESG

Lisa Dusseault, Applications Area
Jari Arkko, Internet Area
Dan Romascanu, Operations and Management Area
Cullen Jennings, Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area
Ross Callon, Routing Area
Pasi Eronen, Security Area
Magnus Westerlund, Transport Area

The nomcom thanks them for agreeing to serve as area directors until the
first IETF meeting in 2010.

The nomcom reviewed the IESG's requirements, nominees' questionnaire
responses and community feedback on the nominees, and after careful
deliberations, and some interviews, selected the candidates.  In the
security area, the IESG's posted requirements and the nomcom's
understanding of the community's consensus requirements were different
and our selections were according to the community's consensus
requirements for the position.

The nomcom also thanks all the nominees who agreed to be considered for
the different positions.  We understand that the nomcom process takes a
long time and we appreciate everyone's patience from the nominations to
selections phase.

Short biographies of the selected IESG members are as follows:

Lisa Dusseault has been involved in Internet protocol design since 1994
and in standardization since 1997. Her primary interests are in
collaborative software, including Calendaring, Instant Messaging, and
shared authoring. She has served as co-chair of the IMAP Extensions,
Calendar Simplifications, WebDAV and XMPP Working Groups. Lisa is the
author of the standard book on WebDAV, "WebDAV: Next-Generation
Collaborative Web Authoring" (Prentice Hall, 2003). She has been serving
as IETF Applications Area Director since March 2006.  Lisa holds a BASc
in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Ontario,

Jari Arkko is an Expert at Ericsson Research NomadicLab in Jorvas,
Finland. He has been an active participant at the IETF since 1996,
working in the areas of mobility protocols, security mechanisms, and
various IP layer issues. He has co-chaired the EAP, MOBIKE, and EMU
working groups, and has been serving as an Area Director for the
Internet Area since March 2006. His research interests include Internet
architecture, deployable security mechanisms and efficient mobility. In
his day job, Jari has worked in the implementation of various software
and communication systems, including network access servers, VPN
devices, testing tools, databases, and compilers. He received his
Licentiate's degree from Helsinki University of Technology in 1996.

Dan Romascanu is Director for External Standards in the CTO organization
at Avaya.  Dan holds a BA and M.Sc. degrees from the Polytechnic
Institute of Bucharest, Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering.
 Don has been serving as an Area Director for the Operations and
Management Area since March 2006.  He has been an active contributor to
IEEE and IETF standards for more than a decade.

Cullen Jennings is a Distinguished Engineer in the Voice Technology
Group at Cisco where he focuses on voice and video communication
systems, security, and NAT traversal. He is an active contributor to
several open source projects including He is an author
of Practical VoIP, published by O'Reilly and is a frequent speaker at
major Voice and Security Conferences.  Cullen has been serving as the
Real-time Applications and Infrastructure Area Director since 2006.

Ross Callon is a Distinguished Engineer at Juniper Networks. He has been
serving as the Routing Area Director since 2006.  He was previously on
the IESG between 1989 and 1991.  In between, he has been co-chair of
several IETF working groups and has authored and co-authored several
RFCs.  Ross has a B.Sc. in Mathematics from MIT (1973), and an M.Sc. in
Operations Research from Stanford (1977).

Pasi is currently a Member of Research Staff at the Internet Laboratory
in Nokia Research Center. He has been an active contributor to the IETF
for several years, having been a co-author in ten RFCs, working group
co-chair (TLS), working group secretary (MOBIKE), tools developer (Daily
Dose of IETF), and member of General Area Review Team (Gen-ART) and
Security Directorate.  Pasi has a Master's degree in Computer Science
from Helsinki University of Technology, and has published a number of
papers in the area of network security.

Magnus Westerlund is a researcher at Ericsson Research in Stockholm,
Sweden. Magnus has worked on a number of projects related to real-time
media transport and application signaling. He has been active in IETF
since 2000 and served as Audio/Video Transport (AVT) working group chair
for 3 years before becoming Transport Area Director and chair of the
transport working group (TSVWG). Magnus has a Master of Science in
Computer Science from LuleƄ University of Technology.

best regards,
Nomcom 2007-8 Chair