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Current Nomcom selection status
August 1, 2008

NomCom Chair <>
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August 1, 2008
Current Nomcom selection status
This note provides three sets of status information.  It provides the
current list of volunteers, the current anticipated schedule, and the
current anticipated seed sources, which will be used if we can stick
to the schedule.

The list of 48 verified volunteers, with their affiliation is:
Akkerhuis, Jaap;	Nlnet Labs
Atkinson,  Ran;		Extreme Networks
Barnes,	Richard;	BBN Technologies
Berger,	Lout;		LabN Consulting
Blanchet, Marc;		Viagenie
Campbell, Ben;		ekelec
Crocker, Dave;		randenburg InternetWorking
Denis-Courmont,	Remi;	Nokia Corporation
Drage, Keith;		Alcatel-Lucent  
Drake, John;		Boeing
Droms, Ralph;		Cisco
Ersue, Mehmet;		Nokia Siemens Networks
Farrel, Adrian;		Old Dog Consulting
Farrell, Stephen;	Trinity College Dublin and Newbay Software
Garcia, Miguel;		Ericsson
Hanna, Stephen;		Juniper Networks
Hautakorpi, Jani;	Ericsson
Hoeneisen, Bernie;	Swisscom
Jacobsen, Ole J.;	Cisco Systems
Kaplan, Hadriel;	Acme Packet
Kent, Stephen;		BBN Technologies
Kniveton, T.J.;		Nokia
Krishnan, Suresh;	Ericsson
Lear, Eliot;		Cisco Systems GmbH
Loreto, Salvatore;	Ericsson
Marocco, Enrico;	Telecom Italia
Matuszewski, Marcin;	Nokia
Narayan, Kaushik;	Cisco Systems
Nemi, Aki;		Nokia
Novo, Oscar;		Ericsson
Papadimitriou, Dimitri;	Alcatel-Lucent Bell
Phelan, Tom;		Sonus Networks
Pillay-Esnault, Padma;	Cisco Systems
Rekhter, Yakov;		Juniper Networks
Resnick, Pete;		Qualcomm
Roach, Adam;		Tekelec
Savolainen, Teemu;	Nokia  
Schmidt, Christian;	Noia Siemens Networks
Shockey, Richard;	NeuStar
Taylor, Tom;		PT Taylor Consulting
Turner, Sean;		IECA, Inc.
Uijterwaal, Henk;	RIPE NCC
van Beijnum, Iljitsch;	IMDEA Networks
Wassim, Michel Haddad;	Qualcomm
Wenger, Stephan;	Nokia
Zhao, Yi;		Huawei USA
Zhao, Yuankui;		Shanghai Huawei Technologies
Zhu, Larry;		Microsoft

The committee, when seated, will use the email address
If you wish to provide input, even before the committee, that is
archived at the nomcom site (and therefore registered, but with
content only visible to the committee members, liaisons, and chair)
then please send it to that address,
I can be reached directly at or

The schedule currently planned for the Nomcom activity, along with
the current list of slots that need to be filled, and
last years job descriptions and questionnaires can be found at:
(That page, and the ones it points to, is still under development at
this point.)

The schedule, with short term information and the information
described there is:  
2008 NomCom Timeline
    * Nomination Closes: August 18, 2008
    * Announcement of Verified Volunteers: August 20, 2008
    * Seed values published by seed sources: August 29, 2008
    * Draw results published: August 30, 2008
    * Nomcom organizes itself: Sept 8 - Oct 3, 2008
    * Nominations period: Aug 31 - Oct 3, 2008
    * Questionnaire responses deadline: Oct 10, 2008
    * Deliberations and shortlisting: Oct 10-Nov 21, 2008
    * Feedback collection: Oct 10 - Nov 21, 2008
    * Final deliberations and IVs: Nov 21-Dec 17, 2008
          o 3rd IETF: Nov 16-21, 2008
    * Writeups and other preparations: Dec 17-Dec 31, 2008
    * Send to confirming bodies: Jan 2, 2009
    * Announce confirmed candidates: Feb 22, 2009
    * 1st IETF: March 22-27, 2009 

As stated in my slides at the Thursday plenary, the set of seed
sources that I expect to use on August 29 is:
EuroMillions  Friday August 29, 2008 Results:
    All 7 numbers (5 numbers from 1 - 50 and 2 Lucky Stars from 1 - 9) 
US National debt ("Debt Held by the Public"), published by the
Treasury department as of August 28, 2008 (Published on August 29,
    Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods
US National debt ("Intragovernmental Holdings"), published by the
Treasury department as August 28, 2008 (Published on August 29, 2008)
    Last 8 digits, ignore the commas and periods
Megamillions Lottery, Friday August 29, 2008 
    All 6 numbers (including the Mega Ball)

Thank you,
Joel M. Halpern