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Nominating Committee Assistance
September 25, 2008

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 25, 2008
Nominating Committee Assistance
There are several ways you can help the IETF Nominating Committee.
We would still very much appreciate nominations.
You may nominate yourself.
You can nominate someone you know whom you think would do a good job.
Do not worry about whether they might already be nominated.  We would much
prefer to receive the same nomination several times rather than miss a
good person we should consider.
The list of positions we need to fill, and the provided Job Descriptions,
and forms for nominations, can be found at:

The job descriptions there are the job descriptions that are provided to
the nominating committee by the various bodies.  If you think there are
problems with those job descriptions, please tell us.  Are there needs
that are not mentioned?  Are there requirements that you disagree with? 
We need to hear from the community to try to ensure that we are filling
the jobs that the community needs done.
If you have any comments on these, send email to:

We would also appreciate any other feedback members of the community would
like to provide, whether about jobs, actions, people, management groups,
or any other issues that you think we should be considering.  You can see
what we have started asking nominees by looking at the questionnaires
available from the page referenced above.  We certainly expect to be
talking with people, and asking a lot of additional questions.  If you
think there are things we should ask, please tell us.

Again, returning to the top line, we need nominees.  Please.
The time for nominations is running short.  particularly since we need to
give nominees time to fill out the questionnaire.

Joel M. Halpern