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NomCom 2020: Call for nominations
August 25, 2020

NomCom Chair 2020 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
August 25, 2020
NomCom 2020: Call for nominations
The 2020-21 IETF Nominating Committee (NomCom) is seeking nominations 
from now until October 6, 2020. The open positions being considered by this
year's NomCom can be found at the end of this email and also on this year's
NomCom website: 

Nominations may be made by selecting the Nominate link at the top of the
NomCom 2020 home page, or by visiting the following URL:

Note:  Nominations made using the web tool require an datatracker 
account. You can create a datatracker account if you don't have one 
already by visiting the following URL:

If you are unable to use the web form, nominations may instead be made by email 
to nomcom-20 at ietf dot org. If using email, please include the word "Nominate" 
in the Subject and indicate in the email who is being nominated, their email 
address (to confirm acceptance of the nomination), and the position for which you 
are making the nomination. If you are nominating someone other than yourself, 
please tell us if we may tell the nominee that you were the one who made the 
nomination. If you wish to nominate someone via email for more than one 
position, please use separate emails to do so.

Self-nomination is welcome! 

Willing nominees will be asked to fill out a questionnaire specific to the position 
for which they are nominated. The questionnaires will be available no later than 
September 1, 2020 and have a submission deadline of October 13, 2019. Most are
already posted.

NomCom 2020-21 will follow the policy for "Open Disclosure of Willing 
Nominees" described in BCP 10/RFC 8713: "The list of 
nominees willing to be considered for positions under review in the current 
NomCom cycle is not confidential". Willing nominees for each position will be 
listed in a publicly accessible way, e.g., anyone with a datatracker account may 
access the lists. Additionally, the nomination form asks if we may share your own 
name with the nominee. In all other ways, the confidentiality requirements of BCP 
10 remain in effect. All feedback and all NomCom deliberations will remain 
confidential and will not be disclosed.

There is a field on the form you can mark in order to allow the NomCom to tell 
the nominee that you were the one who made the nomination. This defaults to 
“no” - so if you don't mark the field we won’t tell.

In order to ensure time to collect sufficient community feedback about each of 
the willing nominees, nominations must be received by the NomCom on or before 
October 6, 2020.

Please submit your nominations as early as possible for the sake of your 
nominees. Note that nominations should not wait for management permission, as 
it is easier to decline the nomination than put one in late.

The NomCom appoints individuals to fill open slots on the IAB, IESG, the IETF 
Trust and the LLC Board.  The list of people and posts whose terms end with the 
March 2021 IETF meeting, and thus the positions for which this NomCom is 
responsible, follows:

LLC Board
- Maja Andjelkovic

IETF Trust
- Joel Halpern

- Jari Arkko
- Jeff Tantsura
- Mark Nottingham *
- Stephen Farrell
- Wes Hardaker
- Zhenbin Li

- Alissa Cooper, IETF Chair/GEN AD *
- Alvaro Retana, RTG AD
- Deborah Brungard, RTG AD
- Magnus Westerlund, TSV AD
- Roman Danyliw, SEC AD
- Warren Kumari, OPS AD

* - have indicated that they do not intend to accept a renomination. This 
information is always up to date on

Please be resourceful in identifying possible candidates for these positions, as 
developing our talent is a very crucial requirement for the IETF, and also, please 
consider accepting a nomination. You'll find extensive information about specific 
positions, in individual tabs at: 

In addition to nominations, the NomCom seeks community input on the positions 
themselves. We need and welcome the community's views and input on the jobs 
within each organization. If you have ideas on the positions’ responsibilities 
(more, less, different), please let us know.

Please send suggestions and feedback about this to nomcom-20 at ietf dot org. 

Thank you for your help in identifying qualified nominees! 


IETF NomCom Chair 2020-2021

Barbara Stark
nomcom-chair-2020 at ietf dot org