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Nomcom 2009-2010: Final list of Volunteers
July 8, 2009

Mary Barnes <>
IETF Announcement list <>
July 8, 2009
Nomcom 2009-2010: Final list of Volunteers
Hi all, 

Thanks to everyone that volunteered!  Below is the final list of eligible
volunteers (91 total), sorted alphabetically by lastname.  If your name is
not on the list and you think it should be or if it is and it shouldn't
be, please contact me ASAP. Also, if there are any names on the list that
you do not believe are eligible, please let me know ASAP. If there are any
changes before July 15th, I'll post an updated list on the 15th.

Per the timeline the seed
values will be available on July 15th.  I’ll publish the selection results
on July 16th. 

Mary H. Barnes

List of eligible volunteers as of July 8th, 2009:

1. Joe Abley, ICANN
2. Bernard Aboba, Microsoft Corporation
3. Randall J. Atkinson,Extreme Networks
4. Gabor Bajko, Nokia
5. Richard Barnes, BBN Technologies
6. Ray Bellis, Nominet (UK)
7. Louis (Lou) Berger, LabN Consulting, L.L.C.
8. Marc Blanchet, Viagénie
9. Larry J. Blunk, Merit Network
10. Scott Brim, Cisco
11. David Bryan, Cogent Force, LLC
12. John Jason Brzozowski, COMCAST
13. Ben Campbell, Tekelec
14. Dean Cheng, Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.
15. David H. Crocker, Brandenburg InternetWorking
16. Spencer Dawkins, Huawei Technologies (USA)
17. Wojciech Dec, Cisco
18. Hui, Deng, China Mobile
19. Vijay Devarapalli, WiChorus
20. Keith Drage, Alcatel-Lucent
21. John Drake, Boeing Satellite Systems
22. John Elwell,  Siemens Enterprise Communications Ltd.
23. Mehmet Ersue, Nokia Siemens Networks
24. Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin, and, NewBay Software
25. Hannu Flinck, Nokia-Siemens Networks
26. Roque Gagliano, LACNIC
27. Randall Gellens, QUALCOMM, Inc.
28. Dorothy Gellert, Nokia
29. Leonard Giuliano, Juniper Networks
30. Eric Gray, Ericsson
31. Wassim Haddad, Ericsson
32. Phillip Hallam-Baker, VeriSign Inc., Default Deny Security Inc.
33. Stephen Hanna,  Juniper Networks
34. Tony Hansen,  AT&T Labs
35. Jani Hautakorpi, Ericsson
36. Bernie Hoeneisen, Swisscom
37. Christer  Holmberg, LM Ericsson
38. Feng Hu, Huawei
39. Geoff Huston, APNIC
40. Joel  Jaeggli, Checkpoint Software
41. Ingemar Johansson, Ericsson AB
42. Ved P Kafle, NICT, Japan
43. Stephen Kent, BBN Technologies
44. Shane Kerr, ISC
45. Krisztian Kiss, Nokia
46. Miya Kohno, Juniper Networks
47. Jouni Korhonen, Nokia Siemens Networks
48. Suresh Krishnan, Ericsson
49. Conny Jorgen Larsson, Ericsson AB
50. Eliot Lear, Cisco Systems GmbH
51. Matt Lepinski, BBN Technologies
52. Salvatore Loreto, Ericsson
53. Enrico Marocco, Telecom Italia
54. Luca Martini, Cisco
55. Jan Melen, Ericsson
56. Telemaco, Melia Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs
57. David Meyer, Cisco/University of Oregon
58. George Michaelson, APNIC
59. Kaushik Narayan, Cisco Systems Inc.
60. Dimitri  Papadimitriou, Alcatel-Lucent Bell 
61. Simon Perreault, Viagénie
62. Padma Pillay-Esnault,  Cisco Systems
63. Yakov Rekhter, Juniper Networks
64. Eric Rescorla, RTFM inc
65. Pete Resnick, Qualcomm Incorporated
66. Behcet Sarikaya, Huawei USA
67. Erick Sasaki, NTT
68. Teemu Savolainen, Nokia
69. Christian  Schmidt, Nokia Siemens Networks
70. John G. Scudder, Juniper Networks
71. Hong Shao, ZTE Corporation         
72. Yaron Sheffer, Check Point
73. Shuo (Sean) Shen, Huawei
74. Anwar Siddiqui, Avaya Inc.
75. David Sinicrope, Ericsson 
76. Jonne Soininen, Nokia Siemens Networks
77. Andrew Sullivan, Shinkuro, Inc.
78. Tom Taylor, PT Taylor Consulting Inc. (Huawei)
79. Fred L. Templin, Boeing Research & Technology
80. Hannes Tschofenig, Nokia Siemens Networks
81. Sean Turner, IECA, Inc.
82. Huub van Helvoort, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
83. Simo Veikkolainen, Nokia
84. Thomas Walsh, Juniper Networks
85. Stephan Wenger, None currently
86. Kevin (Kang) Yin, Cisco
87. Kurt Zeilenga, Isode Limited
88. Lixia Zhang, UCLA
89. Yi Zhao, Huawei USA
90. Glen Zorn, Network Zen
91. Theo Zourzouvillys,