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NomCom Requesting Topic Input and Feedback
October 7, 2020

NomCom Chair 2020 <>
IETF Announcement List <>
October 7, 2020
NomCom Requesting Topic Input and Feedback
Hi IETFers,
NomCom has entered a "quiet" week where nominations are now closed 
and feedback on nominees hasn't started (the nominees have through 
October 13 to accept nominations and provide questionnaire responses; 
NomCom opens up for nominee feedback on Oct 14).

But "quiet" is boring. So I'd like to use this opportunity to encourage input on "Topics". 

We've received input and feedback on some broader IETF issues from 
some people. To get a better sense of where the community stands 
on these Topics (and to know if there are other Topics we should think 
about when interviewing nominees and selecting candidates), we need 
more community input. These Topics are intended to help provide 
NomCom with guidance and prioritization on what values and 
competencies the community would like to see represented in both the 
individual and the holistic composition of its leadership.

Topics received so far are listed on

They are: 
- IESG expectations of Proposed Standard
- IESG and IAB as servants of the community

In case you're wondering, these were taken from Brian Carpenter's open 
letter to NomCom ( 
We also received some similar input (not from Brian) during IETF 108 
NomCom office hours.

There are many good ways for you to provide input to NomCom on 
broader (not nominee-specific) topics:
1. Discussion on the ietf email list (for those who feel comfortable doing so)
2. Go to , click on 
one of the Topics listed at the right, and enter your thoughts (an excellent 
mechanism for those not fully comfortable with the ietf list)
3. An email to (also an excellent mechanism for 
those not comfortable with the ietf list, and can be used to suggest new 
topics as well as comment on existing topics)
4. Attend our Office Hours (dates and times in November to be announced)

NomCom is expected to represent the IETF community. We need your 
thoughtful input and feedback to do this well.

Next week I'll send an announcement calling for nominee feedback. 

IETF NomCom Chair 2020-2021

Barbara Stark
nomcom-chair-2020 at ietf dot org