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NomCom 2010-2011: Call for More Nominations
September 16, 2010

NomCom Chair <>
IETF Announcement list <>
September 16, 2010
NomCom 2010-2011: Call for More Nominations

Hi Folks,

Nominations have slowed down dramatically, so this update is to enlist 
the community in an effort to pick up the pace. 

We are very far behind in nominations for all the open positions but in 
particular we need nominations for the IESG and IAOC open positions. 
There have been no nominations received (other than for the incumbents) 
in INT, RAI, and RTG, and only 1 for OPS.  Likewise, in IAOC there have 
been no nominations submitted other than the incumbent.

The acceptance rates of those nominated has also been very slow. In 
order to initiate the open list of willing nominees we are in need of a 
reasonable number of acceptances, and due to the low number of nominees 
and acceptances have delayed the start date for publishing the first 
open list to September 20.  So if you have been nominated and are 
willing to serve, but have not yet confirmed this by email back to the 
NomCom, please do so as soon as possible.

We need Community input and participation! We cannot properly execute 
the task of selecting the best candidates for these positions with so 
few nominations and acceptances. So, please consider making 
nominations for the open positions, in particular those for which we 
have so few nominations – it takes just a few minutes of your time. 
Right now, we just need the names/email addresses.

Why do we need more nominations?  Well, even if you think a willing
incumbent is doing a very good job and should be returned, his or her
ability to serve again might be impacted by unforeseen circumstances
between now and March. NomCom needs to consider multiple nominees to be
prepared in the event one or more candidates is unable to serve come next
March and to ensure we have chosen the best candidate. 

There are several ways you can help the IETF Nominating Committee.

- You may nominate yourself.
- You can nominate someone you know whom you think would do a good job.

Do not worry about whether they might already be nominated. We would 
much prefer to receive the same nomination several times rather than 
miss a good person we should consider.

How to submit Nominations:
The list of positions we need to fill, and the provided Job 
Descriptions, and forms for nominations, can be found in the call for 
nominations at: 

You may enter a nomination by going to the following URL

You may also nominate someone by sending an email to 
and giving us their name, email address and the open position you are 
nominating them for. We will take care of the rest. 

If you are asked for a user name and password, use an existing ietf login
and password. If you need a login and password, request one from the tools
page at the following URL

Open List:
As you already know, NomCom 2010-2011 will follow the policy for "Open 
Disclosure of Willing Nominees" described in RFC 5680.

Feedback Collection:
Once the open list is available, the entire community will be invited 
to provide feedback. I will send a further announcement requesting 
feedback on the nominees, describing how to submit feedback, and how to 
view the open list of nominees. 

Thank you,

Thomas Walsh
Chair, NomCom 2010-2011